a monday morning in jan


Some of you may know that I broke down and got an iPhone on Saturday, and after a few lessons from my granddaughter Fiona, I felt as though I could somehow learn how to use it.

Well, there have been frustrating moments…but then I started practicing with the texting…and sending photos via text.  I then moved to sending photos to my e-mail (like the photo above).

Here is a visual of my phone, as shown on Amazon.  I have named her Phoebe.  Or should that be iPhoebe?  I do love naming my devices.





While I was clicking away on Amazon, I ordered a stylus set, to help with my clumsy texting.





And while I was practicing my camera usage (and sending), here is a stack of goodies on my coffee table:  a book I’ll be reading next, and a box of chocolates I got for Christmas.  Talk about obsessions.



Monday morning reading-jan



What new goodies are you obsessing about today?  Or are you perfectly normal, without any compulsions or obsessions?  LOL



  1. This is why I love my iPhone and my ipad…you can take and post a photo at whim…I have 3500 cat photos on mine…lol…you go, girl, click away!


  2. I think it’s cute that you name your gadgets. You might have to list them all on your sidebar so we can keep track, though I do already know Sparky, lol!
    I just got an iphone last month–being retired I certainly didn’t need one, but my kids upgraded their phone plan and I got mine for like an extra 10.00 a month so we added it. I have a different model than my kids so they don’t know too much about mine, but I am teaching myself: texts, photos, weather alerts, phone calls so far….and emoticons. I think I embarrass my daughter by sending constant photos of her dog when she is out with snarky comments and lots of emoticons, or are they emojis To think, when I was a kid we had no technology except a rotary phone, a record player, and a black and white tv, ha!!

    What am I obsessing about now? Books. My son wants to go to Barnes and Noble while he is visiting, and you know I can’t go there and NOT buy at least one book, sigh.


    • Thanks, Rita…it has been fun playing with “Phoebe.” I often refer to Sparky, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned my laptop, Louisa May (like the author, LOL).

      I live just around the corner from Barnes and Noble and go in there for coffee now and then…and almost always end up buying something…sigh.

      I haven’t learned how to create emoticons yet…my daughter was too caught up in other things when I saw her last night, so I couldn’t get any tutoring…LOL.


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