I do love the idea of a nice breakfast on the patio.  But today, instead, I’m sipping coffee and eating by the computer.  I have just written about my disturbing dreams, in The Collision of Past and Present. 

And on the previous day, I wrote about organizing my bookish world.

Remember how I vowed to curb my book buying impulses?  And order fewer review books?

Well, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to peruse the Vine newsletter for a while…but sadly, my fingers have been clicking along and hitting the “buy” link in the Kindle store.  Yes, alas, I have three new e-books that I hadn’t even planned on…well, one of them was on my list.  MY PLANS TO CURB MY IMPULSES HAVE GONE AWRY!


The Matchmaker, by Elin Hilderbrand, was on my list.  I had pre-ordered it, so it showed up.  Earlier than expected, but no worries.






Then, after reading and enjoying The Fault in Our Stars, I found myself over at John Green’s site, clicking on Paper Towns.  Yes, alas…I did it!





Did I stop there?  No….I had just read a review (thanks, Patty!), and knew I would enjoy Monday, Monday, by Elizabeth Crook…so, magically, it appeared on Sparky.  Funny how that works!





Okay, here’s how my strange mind works…I had organized Sparky a few weeks ago…and recently purged some of my physical books from their shelves…so, what?  I can now go crazy?

Sigh…a little bit compulsive, right?

Maybe some of this came about because, after going through frustrations with my web browser, which stopped working yesterday…and after uninstalling the old one and downloading a new one, I felt a renewed vigor.  A zest for web browsing…and buying.





What triggers your impulse buying?  Or are you able to curb those impulses and delay your gratification?  What works for you?







  1. I have been using my “promotion” money for kindle books so impulses right now are fun…I have so much to read, though, that I haven’t really been buying much!


    • I used up my promotional money a long time ago, but I didn’t have that much. And since Sparky has so many books I want to read on it, I don’t need more…should I just stop reading reviews of books I want? LOL

      For awhile, I just bookmarked the pages. That works sometimes.

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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