A potpourri of Christmas treasures

The photo above depicts my office a few years ago.  In the final three years of my social work career, I worked for a private agency; its signature style of family-oriented services for foster children and parents led to a real holiday spirit and lots of merriment.

As a result, everyone went all out with the Christmas decor in the individual offices, as well as the community rooms.  I have a mish-mash of stuff here; a brave attempt to dispel the title of Scrooge I had earned from the previous year.

Afterwards, I started bringing out some of my accumulated treasures at home.

Now that Thanksgiving is approaching, I know that I will spend the weekend afterwards spiffing up my home with assorted miniature trees and favorite Jim Shore trinkets.

Here are a few from last year:

Every year, I stare around my garage at the assorted bins and vow to do a “less is more” occasion.  But every time I leave something behind in its bin, I end up bringing it in.  Even though unloading all the containers means that some things must go into bins until after the holidays.

If I put things in the bins from which I’ve taken the Christmas decor, it is easier to get the job done.  And less stressful afterwards, not having to search for the “everyday items.”

I have already started imagining how I can arrange things in my space, since this year has seen lots of upheavals (renewals?), and things will go in different places.  Like the hearth…with all the Disney creations and birdhouses.  I must find a way to merge the Christmas stuff with a few of these items….

I think I’ll put one of the miniature trees at the end of the hearth, where the bears and copper bucket are sitting….

Or perhaps I’ll swap out the big birdcage and replace it with a tree…or not.  I love the birdcage!

Do you ever find the holidays a challenge?  Wishing you could incorporate everything into the space, without having to “dismiss” any old favorites?



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