During the holidays, we can practice something that we should be doing every day of the year.  Enjoying the moments.

How many times have you promised yourself that you would take the time to do just that?  But then we get caught up in the routines, the schedules, the obligations…and I’m not saying those things aren’t important.

But along the way, shouldn’t we take a moment to savor life’s pleasures?

Take a little hop today over to my guilty pleasures site, Chocolate & Mimosas: Savoring Some Guilty Pleasures.

The “savoring” philosophy is not about gorging ourselves on forbidden things, like chocolates and sparkling drinks.  It’s about finding the pleasures in every moment of the day.

Maybe you find pleasure in reading or watching movies.  Do you find time for these delightful moments?  Or do you tell yourself that you should do something else first?

If you do those other things first, you might not get around to pleasure.  But maybe you can schedule some pleasure.  Would that work?  Perhaps reward yourselves for jobs well done.

Okay, lest you decide that I’m all about the pleasure and forget the things we have to do, that’s not the point at all.  Just grab some moments.

For all the book bloggers out there, we’ve chosen to read books we love and chat about them on our various blogs.  Today is Monday reading over at Book Journey.  You could hop on over and see what’s happening there.

Maybe you’ll find just the guilty pleasure you’re seeking in a great new book.

Take a deep breath…look around to see what pleasures you can find…and enjoy!

Here are some books I read this week:

For the rest of my reading list, check An Interior Journey.

Savor your moments!


Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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