In Week Three of our Lockdown, I am feeling the familiar ups and downs…but on Tuesdays, I am always excited.  New books!

Today I downloaded one that has been out for a bit; I’ve been seeing it around, and I think it might be just the thing for these troubled times.

Separation Anxiety, by Laura Zigman

From bestselling author Laura Zigman, a hilarious novel about a wife and mother whose life is unraveling and the well-intentioned but increasingly disastrous steps she takes to course-correct her relationships, her career, and her belief in herself…


Currently I am still reading The Operator, by Gretchen Berg, a book that takes us back to the 1950s…gentler times?


What if you could listen in on any phone conversation in town? With great humor and insight, The Operator by Gretchen Berg delivers a vivid look inside the heads and hearts of a group of housewives and pokes at the absurdities of 1950s America, a simpler time that was far from simple. Think The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in the suburbs with delicious turns of jealousy, infidelity, bigotry, and embezzlement thrown in for good measure. The Operator is irresistible!”

 — Kathryn Stockett, author of the New York Times bestselling novel The Help


What books are you reading?  What is on your “up next” stack?



Another great day of book releases!  I already downloaded two new ones that I’ve been seeing on blogs.

American Dirt, by Jeanine Cummins

Stephen King

“This book is not simply the great American novel; it’s the great novel of las Americas. It’s the great world novel! This is the international story of our times. Masterful.”
—Sandra Cisneros


After writing about my download of American Dirt, I was tuned into CBS News when Oprah announced the novel as her new Book Club Pick.  Yay!


And then there is Deep State, by Chris Hauty


Deep State is a propulsive, page-turning, compelling, fragmentation grenade of a debut thriller.” —C.J. Box, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wolf Pack and The Bitterroots

“The plotrings eerily true…will keep you turning the pages well into the night.” —Jack Carr, former Navy SEAL and acclaimed author of The Terminal List and True Believer


Yesterday, a package came from Amazon with the hardcover version:

The Guest Book, by Sarah Blake – this one has been out for a while, but I wanted to wait a bit…

An exquisitely written, poignant family saga that illuminates the great divide, the gulf that separates the rich and poor, black and white, Protestant and Jew. Spanning three generations, The Guest Book deftly examines the life and legacy of one unforgettable family as they navigate the evolving social and political landscape from Crockett’s Island, their family retreat off the coast of Maine. Blake masterfully lays bare the memories and mistakes each generation makes while coming to terms with what it means to inherit the past.


So…that starts off my day.  I am writing this at 3:33 in the morning!   What does your day look like?



Another Hump Day finds me enjoying more changes in my surroundings.  Yesterday I acquired my original copies of the books I created (above), from my daughter’s garage, and now they are tucked away in my Jelly Cupboard…LOL.  Moving seems to follow stages, with the major stuff showing up first and everything else coming along a little bit at a time.

I still have my Engelbreit calendar, and I love the September message:


I got “purpled” again yesterday:

I’m loving my books this week, starting with My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding, by Wendy Wax, and I’m almost finished with California Girls, by Susan Mallery.

Today I downloaded a new e-book from an author I haven’t read in a while:

The Grammarians, by Cathleen Schine

An enchanting, comic love letter to sibling rivalry and the English language.


In the next two weeks, I will receive some books I have pre-ordered:

The Stranger Inside, by Lisa Unger (9/17)

The Testaments, by Margaret Atwood- Sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale (9/10)

The Nanny, by Gilly Macmillan (9/10)


So many books to anticipate in the upcoming weeks!  What are you eager to read soon?



Welcome to our first “non-holiday” Tuesday in 2019.  I do love the holidays, but, for some reason, they lingered too long this year.  Probably because Hallmark started showing Christmas movies in July…and most of them I’d already seen.  Sigh.

So now I’m ready for new things, fresh things…and new books!  Yes, I had vowed to cut down a bit on the “click to buy” behavior, but some books have been on my wish list for so long that I couldn’t resist.

Today I bought these:

The Best of Us, by Robyn Carr

In Sullivan’s Crossing, #1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr has created a place where good people, powerful emotions, great humor and a healthy dose of common sense are the key ingredients to a happy life. Sullivan’s Crossing brings out the best in people. It’s a place you’ll want to visit again and again.

I love this series, so I’m eager to pick up where I left off in this delightful place.


Then I downloaded Untouchable, by Jayne Ann Krentz

A man’s quest to find answers for those who are haunted by the past leads him deeper into the shadows in this electrifying novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Promise Not to Tell.


Now I am reading my February e-ARCs, and today I started The Winter Sister, by Megan Collins. 

In this spellbinding and suspenseful debut, a young woman haunted by the past returns home to care for her ailing mother and begins to dig deeper into her sister’s unsolved murder.


How are you enjoying the New Year?  What, if anything, is keeping you busy and happy?  I am trying to distract myself from the chaos created by the WH.



Today is my daughter’s birthday, and we tend to celebrate more than once.  We had our lunch of Mexican food on Friday…and then we had a Sunday brunch yesterday…in her new home with her husband and son (above, outside view).

Mimosas accompany most brunches…and here is Heather, relaxing on one of her sofas.

Later, she and friend Jessica, whom I count as one of my honorary daughters (there are two of them), are having a little chat.  After they moved in, they realized they can now have a bigger table…and return this little one to me.  Yay!

Here, you can see a glimpse of the kitchen…I love that island.  More bar stools to come.

The new house smell reminds me of the new home I had in the 60s, when my two oldest sons were toddlers.


Today I’m enjoying The Perfect Couple, by Elin Hilderbrand.  It is slow-going, at 480 pages, but I’m always eager to pick it up again…after setting it aside for other things, like movies. 

The Affair is a show that is winding down Season 4 in an intriguing fashion.  Can’t wait to see what happens next!

This morning I discovered an upcoming release that resonates with me…it is coming on September 4.   The Golden State, by Lydia Kiesling.

A gorgeous, raw debut novel about a young woman braving the ups and downs of motherhood in a fractured America


What are you pondering on your Monday?



Good morning, all…I am so glad it’s Tuesday!  Throughout the weekend and all day yesterday, I was running errands while only occasionally reading.  I did manage to finish Surprise Me, by Sophie Kinsella…and returned it to the library. 

Today I want to hang out in this cozy office…see the corner of my sofa above, with family photos surrounding me.  Below, see the part of the room where I get my work done.  Today I posted my Amazon review of Before & Again...and visited some blogs:

For the past two (or three?) months, I’ve been cutting down on my New Book Purchases…and borrowing from the library.  As a result, my purchases went down from thirteen and fourteen at the beginning of the year to six and seven in April, May, and June.

Currently I’m reading my last library book on hand:  The Family Gathering, by Robyn Carr, the third book in the Sullivan’s Crossing series.  I love revisiting the setting and the familiar characters.


I have two library books on “hold,” and I am going to take a break for a minute or two…the books I put on hold seem to come so fast and furious that I feel the pressure!  LOL.

Today I did buy two new e-books:

All We Ever Wanted (e-book), by Emily Giffin

“This thought-provoking novel follows two Nashville families as they struggle with the fallout from a horrible incident. Their wealthy community quickly becomes divided, with people eager to assign blame and take sides as the families struggle with loyalty and staying true to their values. It’s one of Giffin’s most topical, gripping books yet.”—Good Housekeeping


The Other Wife (e-book), by Michael Robotham

A mesmerising psychological thriller from one of the greatest crime writers of today, Michael Robotham, the international bestselling author of THE SECRETS SHE KEEPS.


How is your Tuesday unfolding?  Do you eagerly anticipate new books, or are you all set with what you have on your TBR?




Welcome to Sunday Potpourri!  You may notice that I have another blog header…once I figured out how to eliminate that horrible blocked title text that came with the theme.

Last week, I spent some time going over old blog posts and remembering.  This week…not so much.  I kept running into posts with links to nonexistent blogs.  LOL

The consequence of deleting blogs is realizing that old posts will be problematic in that sense.

I think of correcting the links…and then I realize that, unless I point out those posts, most people don’t go there.  LOL

Today I’m getting ready to binge-watch Netflix shows…and finish reading Three Story House.




I like the story, but I am continually distracted from it.  I did some Netflix bingeing this week, wrote a lot of  blog posts, and even did some cleaning.  Yes, after the carpet shampooing, I feel the need to keep things spotless.

I got only two new books this week; check out my Weekly Updates.

The Passenger is a NetGalley e-ARC to be released in March, but I’m so eager to start reading it!






What are your Sunday plans?  Do you take time off from blogging and reading?