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The Sunday that has its place in the middle of a three-day weekend is a blissful one indeed.  So many lovely things to do and ponder, without worrying about how Monday is upon us.

But I never worry about Mondays anymore, anyway.  I started my blog Rainy Days and Mondays in 2009, to celebrate how I love Mondays now that I am “retired.”  I had been officially retired for four years when I did that, and had headed off to spend a week in Napa Wine Country.  I had expected a few friends to join me, but one by one, they cancelled.  I could have taken it personally, but then, I glanced at my bag of books…and luxuriated in my time there.  The photo below is from my journey on the Wine Train.



8-2009-wine train feast resized


One evening, I signed up for the boat ride around the area.  Delightful snacks and drinks were provided.



8-2009-napa boat ride resized


But…back to the blog.  I created it just before leaving, and those were the days before I had a laptop, so I visited the resort office every morning to use their laptop and check on my new creation.

First I set it up on Blogger, but then moved it to Word Press in 12/13, migrating only my reviews from the original site.  Slowly building up my followers again, I have finally passed the number I had there.

No matter how many years go by, I will always remember that feeling when I first created it…when I began luxuriating in the feeling of blissful Mondays.


This weekend, I’m enjoying my time, and yesterday I had lunch at one of my favorite neighborhood spots, California Pizza Kitchen.  However, I seldom have pizza there.  Yesterday, I had a strawberry margarita and pea soup.


Sept 3 lunch


Then I had this decadent dessert, Red Velvet Cake & Ice Cream, with Irish Coffee:


dessert on sept 3


I planned to sleep in late this morning, but my body had other plans.  I woke up at 3:00 a.m., read for a while, and then I must have fallen asleep, as when I glanced at the clock, it was 5:45 a.m.  Still too early, but I got up anyway.  I’m sure I’ll take a nap later.

I am reading a book I’ve had for a couple of weeks, but which I’m really loving:  It Ends with Us, by Colleen Hoover.





Our MC, Lily Bloom, captured my interest from the very first page.  Her first person voice grabbed me, as she talked about her father’s funeral and how she felt about him and his relationship with her mother.

Then there’s the man she meets on the roof of a neighboring building.  Why has Ryle so captured her interest, when they have such different dreams?

Then there are Lily’s Ellen Diaries, (like letters addressed to Ellen DeGeneres), which she intermittently share, and which take us back to her childhood and the events that defined her.


Yesterday I read and loved I’ve Got Sand in All the Wrong Places, by Lisa Scottoline/Francesca Serritella, (click for my review), a mother/daughter team that has brought a series of these vignettes that offer a peek into their lives.





So….now I am ready to go back to reading.  Then I’ll take a nap.  I’m pretty sure.  Or continue binge-watching Longmire on Netflix.

What does your weekend look like?