Good morning!  How can it be June already?  Or even the weekend?  The flying of time is sometimes disturbing…especially when so many things are left undone. 

One day recently, I fixed a tray of comfort food for my coffee table:  Tuna Salad on a Tomato.  I know, I usually go out for the meals I want to photograph.  But I liked how this treat looked appetizing enough to snap with my camera.

Then, when I curled up on this office sofa, I had to snap a picture of its coziness.

The book on the coffee table/trunk is an “up soon” review book that picks up where Beach Bliss left off:  Castaway Cottage, by Joanne DeMaio.

Earlier this morning, I enjoyed my exercise while watching a movie.  My newest routine.  (Of course, I had to move Minnie Mouse so I could sit down!).

Yesterday, I went to my daughter’s salon and enjoyed getting my bangs trimmed:

Below:  Check out images in my oldest grandson’s life:  Left, a mug with his baby face on it; Middle, a pensive look on his four-year-old face; and Right, the graduate from UC Berkeley:

Some moments from the past make us smile, while others remind us of the passage of time, bringing out mixed feelings.

On Facebook, I found a photo my DIL shared of our lost Jessica…one of her last walks on the beach.  Such a poignant image.


What moments from your week…and your life…are tugging at your heartstrings today?  What weekend plans lie ahead?



In the photo above, Aubrey is showing that she is “holding up the tower.”  She loves the fun things she can reveal through photos.

Since she is in Prague for a university semester, I am curious if she is actually doing any homework.  LOL.  Just kidding, Aubrey.

This week my son Craig, who lives in Prague, is now in Liverpool..and then will go to Portugal…for his photography work.

Here he is with Gabi, enjoying a repast.

Here is Gabi clowning around in this London telephone booth:

Today is Craig’s birthday, so they are definitely celebrating as they travel.


My reading week has been pretty good, with three books read and reviewed:  All the Best People, by Sonja Yoerg; Poison, by Galt Niederhoffer; and The Story of Arthur Truluv, by Elizabeth Berg.

But then I lost my mojo.  I picked up one book after the other, read a few pages, and then set each one down.  Nothing seemed to captivate me.  Sigh.

So…I grabbed a very “old  and dusty TBR book,” hiding on Pippa since November 2014:  The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, by Gabrielle Zevin.

I am loving it!  I have another of her books, Young Jane Young…so I am sure that I will be reading that one soon.


This week, Firefox, my trusty browser, made some drastic changes in the format…and I was lost, trying to figure out simple functions.  I was throwing things, too.  I hate when they make major changes…just as I felt when Word Press did their so-called “improved way to post” a while ago.

But we do cope…and find ways to work around these things, or adapt to the way things are.  What choice do we have?

Enjoy your weekend!





After I did some rearranging of my stuff in my office, I brought some leftovers into my bedroom, like the quirky end table that once held the TV/DVD player.  The chair has been all through the house, but now sits next to the end table.  The stack of books are ones I have chosen for rereading…but haven’t gotten around to yet.

In case you haven’t seen my various photos of the office “redo,” here’s a peek after I stacked the unread books on a shelf by the wall, freeing up the trunk.  And, of course, there is the TV, by the window.  The little drop-leaf table underneath the larger “once-upon-a-time dining table” used to feel at home in the living room. (I’m a big fan of “re-purposing” furniture).


The white round mini-table that once resided in my bedroom…is now in the living room.


My daughter and her husband just took off for their honeymoon in Europe.  They are flying in to Stockholm first, then heading to Prague…and then to Amsterdam.  My eldest son lives in Prague.

The night before, they celebrated with Joe, a friend:  Heather, left, with David, my son-in-law, in the middle.  Joe, on the right, is like another of my sons:


Down south, my A-Team grandchildren at a Lakers Game with their dad, my son Brett (This game was actually in February, I think, but I love the photo):


Aubrey and friends…First, a friendly college girl tussle:


Then, celebrating a new iPhone:


My youngest grandson, Noah, is only fourteen…but he thinks he is ready to drive.  Or at least practice:



Today I’m reading One Good Thing (e-book), by Wendy Wax, and loving the reunion of the friends who met (as strangers) years before after they lost almost everything to a Ponzi scheme. (I love the series…and the book covers!).




What has your week brought you?  What can you share?  Today’s post is linked to West Metro Mommy Reads.



It was a beautiful weekend at the beach.  Facing the water, walking on the sand, and watching the bride walk down an aisle of “bottled flowers.”  My daughter Heather was escorted by her son Noah.



The bride and groom exchanging vows…



Another view of the bride and groom…



I call this one “happiness.”



Heather and Noah again, afterwards…



The bride and groom at the post-wedding lunch…



Also at the lunch:  my son Brett and grandson Alec, with me in the middle…



The next day, we were back in town for the reception…



We did a little goofing off with some frames…First, bride and groom…



Then, bride and mother of the bride…



The weather was perfect, and the fairytale ambience carried us through.  After all, who doesn’t dream of a beach wedding, along with a happily-ever-after?


I am linking to West Metro Mommy Reads, for Saturday Snapshots.