A year ago, I celebrated Mother’s Day at a lovely restaurant overlooking the water.  And I luxuriated in family and unexpected gifts.  The photo above was a rustic frame carved by one of my daughter’s friends, and I found the perfect photos to celebrate being a mother.

Below…check out my post from a year ago, Hump Day Potpourri:  Luxuriating in the Goodies…excerpted in its entirety.


Coming out of the sweetest weekend in a while, I am still luxuriating in all the goodies.  Unexpected ones, like the brunch in the mountains overlooking a lake. (Below), Heather and Noah enjoying the view…and a chat.



Heather & Noah - Mother's Day Brunch - Bass Lake


Coming home, I hung the sweet little “love art,” as I’ve dubbed the hanging above…and here’s the entire wall with the newest addition.  I need to spend more time in this room, facing these hangings…



Family Wall in Office - 2016


Usually I am facing inward to my laptop, etc.  The sofa, which you can see a part of in both pictures, is actually very comfy.





The problem is the TV.  Yes, it needs updating!  That could be my next project…right?





Or I could satisfy my viewing urges in one of the two other rooms that have flat screen TVs.



May 7 breakfast in bed with Netflix


I do love looking back at what I was doing a year ago…or even longer.  Now I will feast on the memories and the photos.

What do you like looking back to remember?






Another Sunday….a day of doing lots of different things and not really accomplishing anything.

I’ve been reading, although I haven’t finished The Appetites of Girls, which I hope to finish before the day is out.  I spent some time this morning on my Weekly Sunday/Monday Updates post and visiting blogs.





And then I watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix.





I finished Season I…so then I read for a while again….and then scanned some more photos.  These are shots of my home in the foothills just before I left.  We had painted the outside, built a new deck, and painted some indoor rooms, too.

The photo below depicts my “Ireland Room,” with photos of Ireland captured by my eldest son…and the walls were a sage green that seemed to “feel” Irish.  I had a lot of dolls and bears in that room!


Friant Ireland Room 1

Here is another view of the room, with more collections:


Friant Ireland Room 2


And here is my Creative Corner, a part of the dining room where I wrote my first three novels.  I did have a separate office, but moved my “station” downstairs so I wouldn’t be so isolated.


Friant Creative Corner


The desk area is very cluttered…and while I still have a bit of clutter in my office these days, it is LESS cluttered…LOL.


And here is the outside of the house, with a view of the deck.


Friant - deck


From the dryness of the needles under the trees—and even on the trees—you can tell that California’s drought was very much going strong back then…in 2007.

Sometimes I miss this house….but it was too much for me to maintain.  The yard was huge and there was also a guesthouse down the slope of the lawn.

Do you ever look at photos of previous residences?  Do you have favorite places where you lived?  Below is a portion of the great room in the guesthouse.






Heather & Friend - Phone addicts-1985


Earlier today, I was feeling nostalgic, as I sorted through old photos.  Like this one in the mid-eighties.  Remember the landlines we all had back then?  And how young girls “talked” on phones endlessly, instead of texting?  LOL

I saw an old friend today.  I hadn’t seen her in many years, but she lived in a neighboring apartment in the complex where I lived when this photo was taken.

It was my first three-bedroom apartment after my divorce.  I loved having room for everyone…and even two bathrooms.  Things I take for granted now.

We still didn’t have our own washer and dryer, though, and had to spend too much time at coin laundromats.

Then we moved to this place:  a two-story townhouse with a loft and a garage…and a laundry room of my own, inside!  SQUEEE!

Here are all four of my kids in the loft, right after we moved in….this was in 1988.





And here’s another view of the loft after a couple of years….I turned it into my bedroom!  Heather is checking it out….


townhouse loft with heather


And now, let’s take a look at the 1990s, when I moved into the foothills to an A-framed house with its guesthouse down the slope of the lawn.  And below, here are a couple of friends enjoying the view:  Sage (black) and Sebastian.




Do you find yourself reminiscing over old photos?  What are your favorite moments from the past?  What makes them special?


A Big Leap Back - Rain in 1970!

A Big Leap Back – Rain in 1970!