It’s Monday, and it’s a holiday, but that doesn’t affect me much these days.  However, it means there will be no mail delivery…so I can stay home all day long!  Except…I do need a couple of things from the store.

My bed is made….so I guess I won’t be crawling back into it…although I was very tempted to do so today.

Maybe I’ll just run over to Target, just around the corner, instead of that extra mile to Save Mart.  LOL.

I love getting new bedding…not long ago, I got some new sheets I enjoy...


may 4 - sheets

…and now I have the quilt, at the top of the post.  It is also reversible.  I didn’t have to go out and shop for it, either.  I found it on Amazon.

Am I turning into a recluse?

Probably not completely, as I’ve posted several photos of me eating at The Elephant Bar, Marie Callender’s, etc.




Earlier in the month, I went to my daughter’s house to celebrate Noah’s fourteenth birthday.  Now all of my grandchildren are either teenagers or twenty-somethings (Millennials).





When did we start identifying people by the era in which they come of age?  Well, I do love being a Baby Boomer, which makes me feel special and privileged..LOL; except when I see those ads on TV that warn us we might be silent carriers of Hep C.  What’s that all about?

Enough said.


Reading.  I am loving The Orphan’s Tale, and even though I had heard raves about it from other bloggers, I wasn’t so sure.  I am not really into circuses.  But the era pulled me in.  So I’m almost finished…and I’m glad I ignored my biases about the Big Tent.





So back to reading…and catching up on DVR movies.  What are you enjoying this week?