After I did some rearranging of my stuff in my office, I brought some leftovers into my bedroom, like the quirky end table that once held the TV/DVD player.  The chair has been all through the house, but now sits next to the end table.  The stack of books are ones I have chosen for rereading…but haven’t gotten around to yet.

In case you haven’t seen my various photos of the office “redo,” here’s a peek after I stacked the unread books on a shelf by the wall, freeing up the trunk.  And, of course, there is the TV, by the window.  The little drop-leaf table underneath the larger “once-upon-a-time dining table” used to feel at home in the living room. (I’m a big fan of “re-purposing” furniture).


The white round mini-table that once resided in my bedroom…is now in the living room.


My daughter and her husband just took off for their honeymoon in Europe.  They are flying in to Stockholm first, then heading to Prague…and then to Amsterdam.  My eldest son lives in Prague.

The night before, they celebrated with Joe, a friend:  Heather, left, with David, my son-in-law, in the middle.  Joe, on the right, is like another of my sons:


Down south, my A-Team grandchildren at a Lakers Game with their dad, my son Brett (This game was actually in February, I think, but I love the photo):


Aubrey and friends…First, a friendly college girl tussle:


Then, celebrating a new iPhone:


My youngest grandson, Noah, is only fourteen…but he thinks he is ready to drive.  Or at least practice:



Today I’m reading One Good Thing (e-book), by Wendy Wax, and loving the reunion of the friends who met (as strangers) years before after they lost almost everything to a Ponzi scheme. (I love the series…and the book covers!).




What has your week brought you?  What can you share?  Today’s post is linked to West Metro Mommy Reads.




Today is a day of change.  Even though my new TV had to be sent back, with a replacement arriving in the next few days, I decided to get ready for it.  Above, I have rearranged the living room, taking out the little dining table that once resided on the right hand side…and placing the bench by the bookshelves.

All of this was done so I could move that dining table into the office for the new TV/equipment set-up.  It is a drop leaf table (by the window), so I can expand it as needed.  Here is the room…in transition.



The table on the left wall may not stay afterwards.  I’ll have to see how things shake out.  Below, the redwood cart that was in the office for a while is now back in the bedroom, in a new spot to the left of the bed.




By next Sunday, I should have the finalized version of the office.  Here’s hoping!


Yesterday I started reading:

Currently Reading:  How It All Began (e-book), by Penelope Lively


I’ve never read this author, but so far I am enjoying her style.


Should I stay in today…or go out?  I wish someone would invite me to a barbecue…LOL.  Sending telepathic messages to my daughter.

What does your weekend look like?  In or out?  Fun or quiet times?




Hump Day seems to be  a time to reflect, make changes, etc.  So…this morning I went into the garage and pulled my old desk chair out of hiding.  Here it is, back where it belongs.

Yes, I tried the lovely new one for a while.  I enjoyed the arms…but.  It wasn’t ergonomic, and even though I put a pillow at my back, the pillow was always slipping, and I wasn’t enjoying my office experience.





The last straw:  the chair started to creak and make weird noises that made me worry…was the chair going to fall apart?  After all, it was a freebie chair.  And not ergonomic.

So…it is now in the furniture graveyard in my garage.  Maybe someone can fix it someday…or not.

Meanwhile, I’ve been making other changes.

In my bedroom, I moved some objects around on the little cart behind the wicker loveseat.  Before, see the big doll in the far right…




I replaced the doll with the Irish angel, and rearranged a few other things.





Here’s a close-up of the angel, with the opening of the Irish blessing at the bottom:  “May the road rise up to meet you….”





The bedroom is filled with Irish photos and mementos, so whenever I go there, I feel calm…and happy.  My eldest son took the photos.

While I was rearranging things, I tackled my ensuite bathroom next.  The counter has been hopelessly cluttered with various products, and I’d been reading about how to improve that situation…without giving up the products.  So I cleared them all off the counter, and tucked them away in a basket underneath the sink.  Yeah…under the sink sounds tacky.  But they are handy, and now it is easy and quick to clean off the counter and keep it that way.

No photos, though….the under the sink storage will be our little secret.  But now take a look at the counter…voila!  Yes, there are still a few items that remain.  Toothbrush, water pic, and a quirky candle holder I’ve had since 1968.  A mug, some soap…






On a roll, I moved a couple of things around in the living room, too.  This big box that sits next to the books on the bottom shelf of my sofa table (below)…wouldn’t it be better somewhere else?





I had a smaller box on the bottom shelf of my coffee table, where I keep all kinds of goodies: batteries, Blu-Ray remote, booklets about my various devices, notebooks….see how battered it is?  I moved it to my office, after transferring its contents to the bigger box.




The bigger, less battered box is so much better on my coffee table shelf.  I realize, now that I’ve snapped the photo, that the top of the coffee table is a bit messy.  But it is my central spot for reading, eating, etc.   It is well-used.





So…as I type this post, I am experiencing my resurrected office chair…and I am already feeling more comfortable in it…but a little sad that the one with arms didn’t work out.  Sigh.

Should I stop making changes…at least for a couple of days?  What are you obsessing about (if anything)?  What are the interesting tidbits you’d like to share?  Liberty, my quirky doll, wants to know.





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Good morning!  Welcome to another peek into my world of Tidbits, Obsessions, Etc.

I spend a lot of time in my office (pictured above), and recently that room, along with several others, went through a slight makeover.  Nothing major.  But I wrote about some of the unexpected discoveries I found along the way in My Interior World:  Echoes of the Past.

The blogs also go through various makeovers during the regular Bloggiesta events that come along:  the major ones, and then there are the mini-bloggiestas, like the one coming in June.

Because I have eleven blogs (yes, crazy, right?), I work on a different one each time.  Although during the major events, I sometimes dabble on several.

The upcoming event will see me working on Serendipity, as, well, it’s time for a new look.  I have a folder of new headers that I am creating.

Meanwhile, I grabbed the camera the other day and snapped some photos of this room: 




Even though I am ruthlessly purging throughout my home, this space will retain a bit of clutter.  I love having the dolls, the bulletin board full of memorabilia, and the family photos layering the walls.  But I have cleaned it up a bit.  Notice that my TBR stack of print books is pretty small.

And on my coffee table/trunk, you can see that my “up next” reads seem manageable.




Of course, most of my new books now go on Pippa, my Kindle…but that’s okay.  Out of sight, out of mind…it’s all good.  Right?




Speaking of Pippa, today I am reading The Hypnotist’s Love Story, by Liane Moriarty…and it is sooo good!  That author never lets me down.






We have two narrators:  Ellen, the hypnotist, and the “stalker,” who turns out to be closer than we think.  I can’t wait to get back to it!

Meanwhile, yesterday, I finished a lovely book from NetGalley, The Lake Season, by Hannah McKinnon.  (Click for my review).






How is your day shaping up?  What obsessions or tidbits inform your life today?