Happy Easter!  I woke up early this morning (5:30!), but stayed in bed an hour longer.  It felt like a luxury to do so, but every day can be like that in retirement.

Unless I have appointments.

Today I’m heading over to my daughter’s house for a barbecue, and my youngest son is accompanying me.  He and my DIL are visiting from Far North this week.  She will be spending the day with her other daughters.

Look what Heather did to her arm.  She has a lot of tattoos, but I especially love this Irish blessing.

I’ve been searching through my various photo folders, and despite trying hard to organize them, sometimes I can’t find a specific shot that I want to use.  Sigh.

On Bitmoji, I like finding cute images, like this one:


How are you spending your weekend?  Books, family, adventures?




Good morning!  How can it be June already?  Or even the weekend?  The flying of time is sometimes disturbing…especially when so many things are left undone. 

One day recently, I fixed a tray of comfort food for my coffee table:  Tuna Salad on a Tomato.  I know, I usually go out for the meals I want to photograph.  But I liked how this treat looked appetizing enough to snap with my camera.

Then, when I curled up on this office sofa, I had to snap a picture of its coziness.

The book on the coffee table/trunk is an “up soon” review book that picks up where Beach Bliss left off:  Castaway Cottage, by Joanne DeMaio.

Earlier this morning, I enjoyed my exercise while watching a movie.  My newest routine.  (Of course, I had to move Minnie Mouse so I could sit down!).

Yesterday, I went to my daughter’s salon and enjoyed getting my bangs trimmed:

Below:  Check out images in my oldest grandson’s life:  Left, a mug with his baby face on it; Middle, a pensive look on his four-year-old face; and Right, the graduate from UC Berkeley:

Some moments from the past make us smile, while others remind us of the passage of time, bringing out mixed feelings.

On Facebook, I found a photo my DIL shared of our lost Jessica…one of her last walks on the beach.  Such a poignant image.


What moments from your week…and your life…are tugging at your heartstrings today?  What weekend plans lie ahead?




My three daughters!  Well, not exactly.  I only gave birth to the one in the middle, but the other two have lived with us at various points in time.  They spent a lot of time at my home when I lived in this townhouse:



My loft room:




And also in my A-frame in the foothills, especially during the holiday season:



A more updated version of Heather, my “actual” daughter…with a friend during the holidays.




I do enjoy checking out old photos…or finding new versions of my old photos on Facebook.  Do you relish the moments?

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A great Thursday evening was had by the two of us—Fiona and I had a nice dinner that she cooked, we watched some TV, read a little—and this morning I took her to the train station, as she is off to enjoy a weekend with friends at the beach.




I know that moments with teenaged children or grandchildren are rare, due to their very busy social lives, so I am grateful for each and every moment.  It’s those moments that count.

As usual, my leisure time is spent reading and watching movies…and I am so looking forward to a new book headed my way.

The From-Aways, by C. J. Hauser, is an irreverent story of family, love, friendship, and lobsters, in the tradition of J. Courtney Sullivan’s Maine and Richard Russo’s Empire Falls.




Two women come to Maine in search of family, and find more love, heartbreak, and friendship, than they’d ever imagined one little fishing town could hold.

When Leah, a young New York reporter, meets Henry, she falls in love with everything about him: his freckles, green thumb, and tales of a Maine childhood. They marry quickly and Leah convinces Henry to move back to Menamon. As Leah builds a life there, reporting for The Menamon Star and vowing to be less of an emotional screw-up, the newlyweds are shocked to discover that they don’t know each other nearly so well as they thought they did.

When Quinn’s mother dies, she tracks down the famous folk-singer father she’s never known, in Menamon. Scrappy and smart-mouthed, Quinn gets a job at the local paper, an apartment above the town diner, and tries to shore up the courage to meet her father. But falling in love with her roommate, Rosie, was never part of the plan.

These two unruly women’s work relationship at The Star deepens into best-friendship when they stumble onto a story that shakes sleepy Menamon—and holds damaging repercussions for Leah’s husband and Quinn’s roommate both. As the town descends into turmoil, both women must decide what kind of lives they are willing to fight for.


And next I’ll be reading Until You’re Mine, by Samantha Hayes.

Riveting from its very first pages, Until You’re Mine is a multilayered masterwork of twisted, psychological suspense. Readers of Before I Go to Sleep and Turn of Mind will be enthralled by this multilayered novel, featuring a twisted plot that ends in a breathtaking and shocking finale.





What does your Friday look like?  As the weekend stretches before us, let’s enjoy the moments.