It is late in the day to create a Sunday Potpourri post, but it has been a busy one.

First, I was playing on my Curl up and Read site, getting ready for Bloggiesta that starts tomorrow…even though I have been doing a few things all week.

I could kick myself!  I read on someone’s list that they were going to purge their media files…and I think I misread that…because when I did that, the images I deleted were also deleted from the posts.

So I spent a good part of today going back in and inserting images….or deleting the “numbers” that appeared in place of the images.  And this was all done with the Old Editor, as the new one is too crazy for me…LOL.

If the Word Press gods are watching as I write this, let me tell you what I think of your “beep, beep, boop” system….GRRR!

I managed to get through half of the posts….more later.  I’m tired.

I also took a break to meet with my daughter at the Skyline Club….to hand over Noah’s project that I had printed out for him.  And I stayed for a drink…or two…or three.  LOL




Now, after working some more on the images, I am going to read this book that I am loving so far.





And tonight I am excited about my favorite shows:  Madame Secretary, Secrets & Lies, and The Good Wife.


What do you love on a Sunday?  What frustrates you?