As those who read this blog know, I tend to gravitate toward the quirky.  These images in my latest header are an example of that.  The doll on the left is one I actually own:  Madeleine Hatter.  Notice that she shows up in my blog button and several other images I display at times.

The lady on the right…well, I’m not sure who or what she is, but she is definitely quirky.  If you look closely, those are books surrounding her head a la her hairstyle.

I have decided to dub these two The Queens of Tidbits & Obsessions.

Now that we’ve settled that issue, I am looking forward to a day of reading, movie watching, and a few TV shows.  As for movies at the theater, I don’t see anything that is pulling me there this weekend.  But next weekend, I am eager to see The Glass Castle, starring Brie Larson, Naomi Watts, and Woody Harrelson.  And, of course, it is based on the book by Jeannette Walls.  I read the book a few years ago.

On TV, I am excited about the return of Chesapeake Shores on the Hallmark Channel.  I remember when this channel was not available from my provider…and I complained about it.  Not long afterwards, there they were, both versions of the channel.  Could my complaint have helped?  Or was it coincidence?

Probably the latter.  But I realized that complaining made me feel better, and how magical I felt when my wish came true.  LOL.

Right now, I’m reading two books, a print version and a hardcover:

The Other Girl (e-book), by Erica Spindler (NetGalley – 8/22)

Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands, by Chris Bohjalian


Yesterday, I got a new mani….and tried a kind of glittery blue color.


I have to find my fun with my mani/pedis these days, since hair dye is a thing of my past.  Sigh.

I am also curious, however, as to what my natural hair color is these days.  I haven’t seen it in many years.  LOL.


What do your weekend plans look like?  Adventure?  Cozy moments?



Sunday logo

Welcome to the April 21 Edition of Sunday Potpourri.

It’s been that kind of day…odds and ends, and a few tidbits and treasures.  I started out by shopping to replenish the fridge and cupboards.  I seem to put that task off until the shelves are almost bare!

Home again, I did a little reading.  But mostly I’ve been watching movies.  I saw an old flick from 1988, based on a novel by Jay McInerney (his name is a tongue twister!).

Bright Lights, Big City, starring Michael J. Fox, Keifer Sutherland, Phoebe Cates, and Tracy Pollan (who is married to Michael J. Fox).


I know I saw this film in the eighties…but today it felt as though I were watching it for the first time.  I wonder why that is?  Has that ever happened to you?

Now I want to read the book.  Usually I read the book before the movie….




I read another one of McInerney’s books awhile ago:  The Good Life.  A real literary author.  Well worth the read.



What are you up to today?  Relaxing, reading, taking a Sunday drive?