Soap Moments — Life After Llanview

How depressed I was today, as the final episode of One Life to Live aired…with no hope of a revival anywhere, on the Internet or on another channel.

But on Carolyn’s Facebook Page, there was a clip from Soap Opera Digest about Hillary Bailey Smith, actress who portrayed Nora Buchanan, stating that she will be joining the cast of Bold & the Beautiful.  Yay!

Other moves will include Michael Easton going to General Hospital in February, as his character John McBain.  He was a cop, you know, and God knows they can use a good one in Port Charles!

Stay tuned…more to come.



4 thoughts on “Soap Moments — Life After Llanview

  1. Are you still watching General Hospital? I hated when GH was unable to use the OLTL characters and had to change them. But I ended up liking them, although now . . . they appear to be fading way there too.


    1. I am, Dagny, but I was very unhappy with the whole OLTL debacle…first they canceled the show, then they showed it on the Internet…and canceled that! The characters coming to GH felt wonderful…until the Prospect Park people put the kabash on that….When they turned John McBain into Silas Clay, I suspended disbelief because I love the actor. But to kill him off now? I don’t like that part at all…sigh.

      I love the show overall, but wish they would have less mob stuff, and more romance and scenes at the hospital. But with only 4 soaps left, I try to bite my tongue and not say too much on the sites like Soap Opera Digest or Carolyn Hinsey’s page.

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      1. I’m so with you on all the mob stuff! I’ve gotten to the point that I ff right through Sonny and the gang, except for Max and Milo who aren’t on much any more they were fun. Especially the “flexible” Max when he and Diane Miller were an item.

        I hate that Silas is dead, but I’m not really interested in the big mystery arc of who killed him.


      2. I am also tired of how long the mystery over Jake Doe being Jason has continued….I hope that the NuJason will be more of a Quartermaine and not Sonny’s enforcer…once Jake realizes who he is. I dislike Elizabeth and Nicholas at this point, too.


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