1/4/12:  For regular updates on the Soap World, check out Carolyn Opinion Hinsey’s Facebook page.  She’s a columnist for Soap Opera Digest.

1/2012:  The latest on General Hospital is Kimberly McCullough’s exit…will Robin die of AIDS?  Or will she and Patrick move?

I’ll be watching!  Will you?  What do you think will happen?


For those who are sad about the cancelled soaps, check out this Amazon page for classic episodes of As the World Turns.

September 4, 2010:

On Soap Central, I found some tidbits that caught my eye.  This piece came out a few days ago, but I totally agree that it’s high time Robin does something besides carry her clipboard and visit patients.

But what a scary story!  The character of Lisa has gone all Fatal Attraction on us, and who knows what craziness will happen next?

I’ve had my eye on Lisa since she arrived, and I’ve never believed—not for a minute!—that Patrick would remain faithful.

You just know, sometimes, when a character is destined to fall off the wagon—yes, for a former player like Patrick, it’s almost an addiction—so when it happened, I wasn’t even surprised.

And for Lisa to go nutso, it wasn’t such a big leap.  She’s got that crazed look going on.

What do you think will happen next?  How far will she go?  And should Robin take back that cheatin’ spouse?

I hope you’ll stop in and share some thoughts.


Maura West – Actor

August 6, 2010:

Wow!  I just saw a blurb on Soap Central (on Facebook) that one of my favorite actors from the soon-to-be-defunct As the World Turns has signed on at Y & R! Maura West has played the role of Carly Tenney for several years now, and her characterization has earned her a couple of Emmys.  Most recently, at this year’s show.

On Y & R, she’ll be playing Diane Jenkins. I hope this means that the character of Diane will be on the canvas for awhile.  There’s nobody who can play drama like Maura West, and this news has lightened my sad mood about ATWT.

In 1999, I attended the Soap Opera Awards show in LA and caught a glimpse of several of my favorite actors from the soaps—live and in person.  That was a wonderful feeling for a soap addict like me!  The show was hosted by Soap Opera Digest and Dick Clark Productions (for whom my second son worked at that time), so we had backstage passes and attended the party the night before the show.

Imagine, if you will….you’re gazing across the room and there you see Kate Roberts (from Days of Our Lives) strolling toward you, a drink in her hand.  Do you rush over and say  “Hey, Kate!”, or do you just stand there agog, like someone in a daze?  Well, I just did a lot of staring, I must admit.  I didn’t approach a single one, even though at one point, I was inches away from Michael Baldwin (of Y&R); and then I watched Amber Moore ( Y&R and B&B) standing quietly (backstage), looking deep in thought.

Carly (I mean Maura West!) was there with her hubby, Scott DeFreitas (Andy on ATWT) Those two have four kids together, plus another one of hers from a previous marriage.  So wouldn’t it be fun to know what their real life is like?  Okay, I admit it…I’m an addict and a celebrity junkie, but only about some celebrities.

There’s something about soap operas (and reality shows) that makes you feel as if these actors are real people who are part of your life.  Almost as if they know you, too, even though they have no idea who we are.

A very strange kind of feeling—one I definitely felt during that party and backstage at the awards show.  As if we all knew each other, even though the relationship is one-sided.

But none of that eclipses my excitement whenever news of their comings and goings hits the web.  Or the tabloids.

So what, if any, Soap Opera magical moments do you enjoy?  If you could meet any one of your favorite soap characters, who would it be?






2 thoughts on “SOAP MAGIC

  1. LMAO at myself………I was thinking soap, as in to wash your face with. I was so addicted to my soaps when my kids were little that I had to give them up cold turkey. you just go ahead and enjoy adn feel free to laugh at me. 🙂


    1. Oh, that is funny, Linda. And completely understandable.

      I’m not likely to give them up, cold turkey or otherwise. They would all have to be gone before that would happen. Hope that doesn’t happen!

      Thanks for stopping by.


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