Guest Blogger # 2 – Martha Cheves

Martha Cheves

Today I welcome a guest blogger who has several sites that spotlight her love of cooking.

Martha’s Blogger profile reveals some interesting tidbits:

I’m from Georgia, moved to North Carolina by way of Florida. I’ve been in Charlotte for 14 years and love it. The recipes in my book Stir, Laugh, Repeat are all tested by “Food Testers” of which I now have 24. They try a dish and rate it from 1-10 with only those scoring at least an 8 making the book. My website is a holding place for my 2nd book Stir, Laugh, Repeat… Again. Please visit my site to find new recipes and tips. All recipes are easy, using common ingredients and according to my testers, great!

On her site that combines her love of cooking and reading, A Book and a Dish, Martha shares wonderful book reviews and recipes.

She tells us a bit more about this intriguing concept:

Shortly after writing my 1st cookbook, Stir, Laugh, Repeat, I found out that if I wanted publicity I would have to find ways to create it myself.  I’ve also learned that it’s not just my book and my publisher, the same applies for any unknown Author.  We have to build a name for ourselves and the internet is one of the best ways to accomplish this task.  I, as well as most other Authors, spend hours every day going from site to site talking to people, posting events and most important – reviews.  Reviews are what make our books appealing to readers and the more we have and the more places we have to post these reviews, the better.

That’s when I came up with the idea of A Book and A Dish. There are 2 things that I really enjoy… cooking and reading.  In a perfect world I would be reading when not cooking and cooking when not reading.  As I’ve talked to others who enjoy cooking I’ve found that most are like me and also enjoy reading.  So why not come up with a site that would bring the cooks and readers together?

A Book and A Dish is made up of reviews on books I’ve read as well as the Author’s favorite recipe.  When I agree to review a book I always tell the Author that my “charge” will be a copy of their book and a recipe.  And it’s actually quite interesting to me and my readers/followers to see what the Authors eat and cook.

If you are a reader you will know who King, Patterson and Rice are but did you know that there are some really GREAT Authors out there who just haven’t been discovered by the masses yet?  Some of these Authors are actually as good and some even better than those well known.  Check out some of their work and judge for yourself.  You may be like me and become a fan of Porter, Lavene, Whitfield, Fritz, Mason, Elvebak, just to name a few.

View my site A Book and A Dish to see what I have to say about the writings of these wonderful Authors.  And while there, try some of their recipes.

Martha A. Cheves – Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

Check out some more of Martha’s sites:

Stir, Laugh, Repeat

Stir, Laugh, Repeat — The Cookbook

Martha’s Recipe Cabinet


11 thoughts on “Guest Blogger # 2 – Martha Cheves

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  2. Martha is an outstanding author as well as reviewer. Her book “Stir, Laugh, Repeat” is a culunary delight. I have tried some of her receipes and they are so easy even someone who has never cooked can follow them. If you haven’t yet bought her cook book What are you waiting for? Go now get it. You won’t be disappointed.


  3. Three words sum it up:”Buy her cookbook”. Wow! Is Martha on the ball. A recipe for a review. The recipes are wonderful and easy to handle, even for me who can just barely boil water! I’m proud to be connected to such a nice person, who is also a top-notch writer and thoughtful reviewer of any genre. Charles Toftoy(“It’s In The Eyes”)


  4. I really enjoyed Martha’s cookbook, Stir, Laugh, Repeat. The recipe’s are so easy to follow and very delicious. I also enjoyed the short tale at the end of each recipe.
    I must add that her book reviews are great, too. See them on her ‘A Dish and a Review’ blogspot. She did a superb review for my novel.


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