Fairy Tale Images

Here are a few of my favorite things, starting with Peter Pan and friends:




Mickey Reads!

Wizard of Oz Images

Fairytale Castle

Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood


4 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Images

    • Thanks, Brooke, your mom is appropriately named…LOL. I have many of these collections, but some of them are packed away in bins. (After my daughter called me a hoarder one too many times! LOL). I try to rotate them out, but it doesn’t always happen. Sigh.

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      • Now that there’s a grandchild around, my mom has unpacked all the Disney figurines that she and I had collected over the years and put them in display JUST out of my daughter’s reach….


      • When the grandchildren grew older, that’s when I started my serious collecting….but my space is small, and when everything is out at the same time, it does look a little crowded…but definitely not like a hoarder show! LOL


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