Coffee & Books

Yesterday was one of those stay-at-home days; because of the holiday, I didn’t even go to the post office.  Just the supermarket for supplies.

But today I’m getting an early start so I can mail things.  First I’m enjoying some coffee in one of my favorite mugs.  Note the stack of books ready to go out to giveaway winners.

In my restlessness yesterday (that’s what happens when I stay at home!), I did some more rearranging of the entry/dining area space.

A View from the Front Door

In this photo below, note that the wicker loveseat is once again up next to the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf.  From the dining room, you can see the angled sofa table and the little dropleaf table where I pay bills.

Books & Bill Paying Station

Earlier I was blogging my Teaser Tuesday meme….and finding new books to add to my list.  But before that, I woke up in the middle of the night to keep reading Evil at Heart.  And then had nightmares when I went back to sleep.  EEEEK!


Now I’m going to finish watching my favorite TV shows that are on my DVR from last night:  Switched at Birth, The Carrie Diaries, Monday Morning, The Following, Deception, and Castle.  Yes…a lot of shows for one night!

I watched Dallas live.  Love that show!  Here are my thoughts about the show over at Chocolate & Mimosas, my “guilty pleasures” blog.

What is going on in your world on a Tuesday?  Busy things?  Relaxing?



Welcome to another Hump Day.  Midweek musings and thoughts today stemmed from a couple of things:  a blog tour stop at Rainy Days and Mondays for Whole Latte Life; and a discussion about coffee cups inspired by Sheila, at Book Journey, in Meet the Real Coffee Cup.

Therefore, coffee cups are the centerpiece of today’s post.  In Joanne DeMaio’s book (see my review and author bio at the link above or click on the book cover), the characters meet regularly at a coffee shop they hold dear.

The story is all about friendship and connections.  Beautifully celebrated over coffee.  And about self-discovery, frayed connections, and healing.


Now…in Sheila’s blog post, she described an inspiring story about a blue coffee cup, which then reminded me of special mugs in my life.

Naturally I had to grab three of them and spotlight them in a photo.  Here they are, and there’s a story attached to each of them.

Special Mugs

In the middle is a mug gifted to me by my son and his wife a few months after my first grandson Alec was born.  That was in 1995, and that mug has been through some house moves without breakage.  I’m afraid to use it for coffee, so it sits on top of one of my country cupboards.

On the left is a mug “created” by three of my grandchildren a few years later (one of whom was the baby in the center mug).  It also regularly “lives” on a country cupboard (see below).  The one on the right is a quirky mug I bought in Big Bear Lake one year, just because it was something I connected to….

Speaking of mugs, I regularly drink my coffee from a Coca Cola mug that I also feature on blogs sometimes, both in the headers and in my posts.

What does all of this mean?  I guess there’s a big sentimental core in me that attaches wonderful memories to objects.

Do you have special connections to things you own?  Things that remind you of special people or events in your life? 

Thanks to Sheila, I’m going down this memory trail today.