Welcome to a Sunday in November, right after a night of changing up the clocks.  I decided to do some of it early in the evening, especially the battery operated clocks that hang on the wall.  Then I switched the time on my Kindle, as I often forget to do that.

I went to sleep and had very strange dreams all night, not related to time changing, but a little disturbing at times.  I should write them down,  but I think that might not be a good thing!

This morning, I checked around to see what I had overlooked…and saw, happily, that many clocks changed automatically, like my cell phone, the TV, and my computer.  I think they’re all changed now!

Yesterday was a day of cleaning up the apartment, and I now feel ready to sink into my coziness again.  I might have to take a nap today, as I stayed up late, hoping to finish the time changes…but as it turned out, the ones I hadn’t yet done were automatic.

I used to have a wall of decorative clocks above my mantle in my previous apartment, and I finally took all the batteries out so they were just for appearances…and took care of that annoying time changing aspect.


I loved those clocks, though.  And in the photo above, you can see a wall of DVDs shelved in my hallway.  I only brought a few of them with me after I moved.

So…what’s on the agenda for today?  Well, I am reading The Prisoner, by B. A. Paris, and hope to make some progress on it.

What is on your list of things to do?



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