Welcome to another Sunday.  This one is like a finale to a great month that began on September 7.  My eldest son arrived from Prague, spent a couple of days in LA with my No. 2 son, and then visited back and forth between Northern California and the central part of the state.  He flew back home on the 28th, albeit with a few glitches in his journey: a cancelled flight, some time standing in lines, and finally…home.  First he took a flight to Las Vegas to see my No. 2 son, spend some time together, and then flew to LA.

framed craig and brett in vegas

At my home, I have been cleaning the apartment, rearranging a few things, doing laundry, and finally, catching up on movies.  Right now I’m watching Labor Day, based on a Joyce Maynard book I read a few years ago.

Today I got a book in the mail, Lipstick Jungle, and I’ve also been enjoying the series on Prime.



I do love revisiting favorite books and movies, and as I rearrange my space, I also love enjoying the coziness of what I have created.

framed living room changes 4

Now I plan to savor a new week, returning to my routines, but with an extra dose of love for the space recently shared with family.



Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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