Good morning, and welcome to another Sunday Potpourri, a celebration of tidbits, obsessions, etc.

Of course books are a big part of the obsessions, and so are shelves and “cupboards,” like the one above.  I bought this little green cabinet several years ago when I lived in a condo that seemed to be crying out for quirky things.  I ordered it online, and it was assembled before it shipped to me.  I love when that happens!

After I moved from that condo to a studio apartment, I used it in my bathroom, stuffed with towels, etc.  Now, in my current apartment, I am happy to return it to its former glory as a shelf for books.  These books are my “unread” print ones, and I just moved the cupboard into my bedroom to make a space for the Baker’s Rack in the dining room that will be assembled on February 18 by the Amazon provider.

This past week, I busily rearranged things…and I also sent off my tax documents to my accountant.  She has already completed my return…and that is one usually annoying task that is behind me!

Here is the other part of my bedroom, after the reshuffling of furniture:  my file cabinet, next to the chest of drawers that used to “live” where my book cupboard now stands.  The desk is nearby, and above it is a shelf now filled with some trinkets and books.


I started reading a book that has been on my Kindle since 2017, and sadly, I got just a few pages into it and I didn’t like the writing style or subject matter…at all!  So off it went to the DNF pile.

Now, instead, I am reading another book about the iconic Jackie.   Jackie:  Her Transformation from First Lady to Jackie O, by Paul Brandus.  So far, there are some interesting tidbits I have not read in any of the numerous Jackie books I have devoured.


I hope to finish it today!  Then, perhaps, I will dive into one of my new books from this week.  Or mop the kitchen floor!  LOL.  What will your day look like?


Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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