For more than two years, I have been on a doll quest for the Madeline Hatter doll, shown above.  When my daughter moved my things to the “prison” where I resided for over two years (and yes, I should stop calling it that!), she did not bring my favorite doll, which I have, fortunately, snapped photos of for various posts.

There are smaller dolls, which I have purchased…and every time I check the measurements listed on the product page, I am eagerly awaiting the doll like this one.  So far, no luck.

I did buy these adorable mini versions, though.


But sadly, as cute as they are, they cannot replace the one that started my collection.  How did it begin?  Well, I got it from Amazon Vine, can you believe?  I don’t even shop for those items anymore, since they don’t ever spotlight dolls like this one.  And most of the books I choose come from NetGalley.

Today I saw a Madeline doll that seemed to have the right measurements.  Either I will soon have the one I have been obsessing over…or another mini-version.  Sigh.

I think there is something wrong with me, searching so diligently for what I lost.  But then again, isn’t that how it goes when we miss the things we love?


Do you have quests or obsessions for favorite things?  How do you deal with those longings?




    • Thanks, Carole, and I felt a greater loss because I had no input. Well, I thought I had, since I made lists for my daughter and the movers, but in my absence, they could do whatever they wanted.

      Do I sound bitter? LOL. Maybe a little. I hope when she is an old person, she remembers these moments and doesn’t have a similar experience.

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