As I turn the pages of my current read, Life and Other Inconveniences, I am thoroughly enjoying the characters without the kinds of twists and turns I usually savor. The book is not a thriller, but it does show us the dynamics of characters and the interactions I enjoy.

In addition to reading, I am also relishing my usual snapping of photos that remind me that my interiors are another part of my life that I enjoy.  Since I am mostly still isolated.

On my nightstand, I have collected a few print volumes to pick up soon, in addition to my current read.  To the left is my chest of drawers with a favorite decorative box atop it…next to my calculator.  I also love the hippie dolls on the nearby filing cabinet. Below, note a close-up of favorite photos.  An Ireland photo on the right, and an “I Love You” creation from my daughter on the left.

So…as I read and write posts and practice the Block Editor, I plan to somehow succeed at dealing with isolation and challenges.


How are you spending your Hump Day?


2 thoughts on “HUMP DAY POTPOURRI…

    • Thanks, Kathryn, I am still struggling, but today’s post was easier. I think there are tricks to making it work for me, but I don’t always know what will happen when I start out!

      My daughter gave me that creation for a Mother’s Day a few years ago. I clipped our photos on it.


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