Today is Blog Visiting Time.  I’ve been over at Book Date, checking out Monday Reading blog posts, followed by a few on Mailbox Monday.

One blogger wrote that WordPress has made some changes to post writing…so I simply had to come over to check it out!  So far, so good.  Or maybe the changes will hit me later.  LOL

Yesterday I got a package from Amazon with this lovely little RBG Royal Bobbles image, grouped with the mugs:

Last night I watched Oprah interviewing Meghan and Harry, and I must admit to being disappointed.  The questions and answers didn’t come smoothly, and Oprah seemed “off her game.”  What’s up with that?

Today I am enjoying some time in my apartment, sipping coffee and eating Dave’s Bread with cream cheese.  Yum!

What I really want this morning, though…a mimosa!

So…now I will continue reading my two books that I started on the weekend:

At the Edge of the Haight, by Katherine Seligman

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder, by Joanne Fluke

The Fluke book is in hardcover, and I can’t wait to slide it onto my almost full bookshelf!


How are you spending your Monday?



    • Thanks, Diane, I love that I accidentally discovered Dave’s Bread, back when we were still able to go into the supermarkets. Then, when we began our lockdown, I was thrilled to also find it on Amazon.

      I LOVE RBG…and I also have a collection of T-shirts I wear.


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