Welcome to another Book Release Tuesday!  Today I did not download any new releases, although my choices were recently published books.  Sometimes I bookmark those I want to add to my shelves…and then forget about them for a bit.

Like this one:

Sisters, by Daisy Johnson

From a Booker Prize finalist and international literary star: a blazing portrait of one darkly riveting sibling relationship, from the inside out.


Then I click on over to another recently bookmarked novel:

The Sunday Girl, by Pip Drysdale

The Sunday Girl is impossible to put down—fans of Liane Moriarty and Greer Hendricks will devour this twisty psychological thriller of love gone wrong…and revenge done right.


As I began my day, I was happy to bring out my newly delivered coffee grinder and create some freshly ground coffee.  I had to take the grinder to the bathroom to find an unused outlet, however.  We have very few here in this studio apartment.


Today I am reading Return to Virgin River, by Robyn Carr, and because I have taken the morning off from activities, including the dining room, I hope to make good progress on it.

How is your day shaping up?



  1. Diane

    I have to say that the 2 covers are seriously creepy; I’m not sure they are for me. Glad your coffee grinder has arrived, the thought of no coffee is depressing LOL
    Looking forward to Return to Virgin River.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, it was delicious, Kathryn, and even the scent lingers this evening.

      I use a lot of power strips throughout the apartment, but usually there is no room for anything extra.

      So…the bathroom outlets were my go-to spot. Enjoy your week!


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