Yesterday I did a lengthy search among my photos, reminding myself as I trudged along that organization would be a good idea! 

But finally I found this favorite snap (above) from my previous residence:  a peek into my dining room, with the Baker’s Rack on the left and the Engelbreit cookie jars on the right.  And in the middle, my pottery bowl where I tossed my odds and ends.  Tidbits.  Like the stuff I bring to this blog.

Why did I take this journey right now?  Well, I needed a new bowl for mail and stuff…and I based my search on this particular bowl and came up with this one:

Now I am in the process of training staff to put mail and other tidbits in this lovely bowl.  It should be obvious, right?  It is right there, as you enter the apartment, inviting and accepting.  It is amazing how many people still want to throw everything on the kitchen counter.  That space that is often damp, at the very least.  So my voice shouting out “not there” will still get a work-out as the learning curve develops.  Sigh.

I know that they all think I am a “crotchety old woman,” and if that works in my favor, so be it.

Now…back to our usual Tuesday goodies.  Book releases!

I downloaded one book today, and I hope to love it.

My Lies, Your Lies, by Susan Lewis

For readers of Lisa Jewell and Diane Chamberlain comes another gripping novel from internationally bestselling author Susan Lewis, about an eccentric old woman, the ghostwriter helping write her memoirs, and the destructive secrets binding them together.


I am now reading an acquisition from a couple of weeks ago:

The End of Her, by Shari Lapena


What are you reading, wishing for, or adding to your shelves?



  1. I am reading the new ” Once you go this Far” by Kristen Lepionka. This is the fourth book in the series. I have liked some of this series better than others, so far so good with this one.

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