Good morning!  Welcome to the first day of the new week, Sunday!  I don’t usually think of Sunday as the first day, since our lives have been centered on work weeks, with Mondays as the beginning.

Sundays also signal the end of a week with our Sunday Updates.

Life continues in isolation…since March 11, I have seen nobody who doesn’t live or work here, and those who reside here are seen seldom these days.  We did have alternating days in the dining room, socially distanced, and then there were some positive test results from staff.  So back to our apartments we went!

Luckily, I had already rearranged my apartment to my liking during the first “shelter in place” order…and since then, I have spruced things up with the help of Amazon. Note my photo above:  the latest acquisition was that pottery bowl, which serves as a mail receptacle.

Now why do I need one of those?  Well, the staff members deliver our mail and packages, and would you believe that they often dropped stuff on the kitchen counter, which is sometimes damp from all those cleanings?  I got tired of yelling “not there!”  So I sent off for the bowl.

In my previous residence, below, I had one for mail, lists, even keys.

And here is a close-up…


Searching through old photos is a favorite activity these days.  It took a while to find this one above…which is a clue that I need to reorganize things a bit.  LOL.

The photo was also a reminder of some favorite things that I am missing…like those Engelbreit cookie jars on the right and that Baker’s Rack on the left.

Missing things from the past can be a downer…which is why I am working hard to recreate a cozy space that is full of New Favorites.

Here is a New Favorite Thing.  Several handbags “live” there in the entry way, with the new and favorite one out front.  The red hat is from my old place.

Then there is my newly “grown” bookshelf…


Weekends are my favorite time to hunker down in the cozy space and watch movies and shows.  During the week, I am happy to now be watching new episodes of the soaps, since we only had reruns for a while.  This one was the first to come back:  Bold and the Beautiful.


What do you enjoy on the weekends?  Do you have favorite things around you?



  1. Hope the staff realise that’s where they put your mail. But that’s a good idea. On the weekend especially Sunday, I like to sit back and do nothing I usually do during the week – mini break!

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    1. I keep my eye on the door and watch as they enter (since I’m always here, locked down!). If they are heading to the kitchen counter or look like they will toss it somewhere else, I will yell. LOL.

      I am cultivating my grouchy old lady persona.

      Enjoy your week, Kathryn.

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