Many writers have suffered injustice in being known as the author of but one book. Such has been the fate of Johanna Spyri, the Swiss authoress, whose reputation is mistakenly supposed to rest on her story of Heidi. To be sure, Heidi is a book that in its field can hardly be overpraised. But the present story is possessed of a deeper treatment of character, combined with equal spirit and humor of a different kind. Cornelli, the heroine, suffers temporarily from the unjust suspicion of her elders, a misfortune which, it is to be feared, still occurs frequently in the case of sensitive children….

I loved reading Cornelli during my childhood and perused it many times over the years. My copy was a hardcover version given to my mother in her childhood, which she then passed on to me. I loved the colorful illustrations, which immediately refreshed my memories of the various scenes of the story.

As I read it again in its Kindle format, I brought out my print format so that I could check the illustrations once again.

The story was an emotional one for me, as the feelings aroused in childhood were elicited once again as the story unfolded:  a tale of strict caretakers and a sensitive child, a combination of events that led to the opposite outcome the adults had hoped to see.

I was pleased once again that a kind older woman helped Cornelli’s father to understand what had happened to her and assisted him in turning things around. Another family was also part of the solution.

I loved rereading my childhood favorite on my Kindle. 5 stars.



  1. I read all the Heidi books but Cornelli never reached my shores. In fact I didn’t know it existed. I guess maybe you can only get it on Kindle now because the illustrations always aide the imagination.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, the Kindle version was not available the last time I checked, and I’m not sure what led me to the page yesterday. So glad I found it, and the Elsie Dinsmore book, too. I am thinking of doing a post with some of the colorful illustrations….I could photograph the pages.

      The pages are pretty fragile, so I wouldn’t even try to read those old volumes.


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