Welcome to another book release day.  Last week, I posted about the books I pre-ordered and which I will receive today.

Yesterday, I rearranged my space…I was feeling restless and frustrated due to the new restrictions that were handed down here in the residence.  It is all about the coronavirus, which seems to be on all our minds lately.  But the focus brought by the staff here just increases panic and anxiety, in my opinion, so a little “facelift” seemed to be in order.

Here’s what I did:  See photo at the top of the post that showcases my new computer area.  Across the room (below), I placed a table and file cabinet next to the TV.

And here’s another glimpse of the room:


Today I’ll be getting a new and smaller chair for the computer area.  And, of course, the pre-ordered books I wrote about last week will arrive!

Now I’m reading The Coconut Layer Cake Murders, by Joanne Fluke.


Then I found this Carol Goodman book that was released last week:

The Sea of Lost Girls

In the tradition of Daphne du Maurier, Shari Lapena, and Michelle Richmond comes a new thriller from the bestselling author of The Lake of Dead Languages—a twisty, harrowing story set at a prestigious prep school in which one woman’s carefully hidden past might destroy her future.


That is my week so far.  What does yours look like?



  1. How I wish I had your motivation to make your living space neat, cozy, comfortable, and charming. I love the desk with the little drawers. I have read lots of Carol Goodman’s books, and I love them because they ooze that Gothic wonder. I hope you have some fun unpacking your books today! An hour ago my UPS man brought me the third and last book in Hilary Mantel’s series about Thomas Cromwell, King Henry VIII’s right-hand man. It’s The Mirror and the Light.

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    1. Thanks, Judith, I love unpacking packages of new books, which is one reason I still order print volumes. I am also trying to rebuild my bookshelves, having “lost” hundreds of books when I moved.

      Today I also got a new smaller chair for my computer station. That little rolltop desk is one I have had a while…I bought it in a consignment shop a few years ago. Having fun with each new thing I change about my very tiny space, and I especially love finding new uses for old things..


      1. I feel your pain with the lost books. Oh, how much I do! I hope the new ones are finding excellent nesting places. Stack them up, I say!!
        I have been reading so much more lately. And listening to audiobooks while knitting. I walk the dog 4 miles, up hill and steeply down dale, and when we get home I stretch and head for my books. Housework is being neglected. Oh, dear.

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    1. Thanks, Kathryn, I completely agree. Yesterday I went to the dining room for breakfast only, and then spent the rest of the day and evening in my apartment reading and tweaking my things. Then I noticed that the new Little Women that I had pre-ordered had arrived, and I plan to watch it today. Or tonight. Yippee!


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