Welcome to another Sunday, my day to “veg out” in my apartment, with coffee, movies, and books.  Above, check out my current read, Old Baggage, by Lissa Evans, and coffee in one of my colorful mugs.

Last night—and all previous nights this week—I binge-watched the Mary Tyler Moore show.  I’m on Season 4, and have added all the seasons to my Amazon Prime Watch List.

Between my reading, binge-watching, etc., I’ve been ordering a lot of things from Amazon.  Mostly ordinary things I used to buy in the supermarket or drug store.  And then there were a couple of tops that I’m eager to add to my wardrobe.

My surgery update:  My doctor will be setting up a consult for us with the Bay Area physicians who specialize in “challenging surgeries,” which has turned out to be the case with my gall bladder.  But I’m hoping that my improved eating habits, exercise, and even weight loss will decrease the problems just enough that we can proceed.

In another part of the world, my granddaughter Aubrey continues with her adventures in New Zealand. 

As I searched my photo files, I stumbled upon this one of me and my granddaughter Fiona…before the Big Awful (in May):  the health scare that led me to move from my previous residence, which I still miss…to my current surroundings. 

But all is not lost…I still have some of my favorite things, and I am actually looking healthier these days (below).

I’ve changed up my little Jelly Cupboard to showcase some of my favorites…and copies of each of my creations are on the second shelf down.

My entry way has gone through a lot of adjustments…here is my latest version of that space.


Now I’m off to read and binge-watch, etc.  What does your day look like?


Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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