Welcome to my relaxing Sunday.  It has been a day of reading, binge-watching, and accepting packages from Amazon.  First came the hardbound version of Nanaville, by Anna Quindlen.

“Witty and thoughtful . . . Nanaville serves up enough vivid anecdotes and fresh insights—about childhood, about parenthood, about grandparenthood and about life—to make for a gratifying read.”—The New York Times

“Classic, bittersweet Quindlen . . . [Her] wonder at seeing her eldest child grow into his new role is lovely and moving. . . . The best parts of Nanaville are the charming vignettes of Quindlen’s solo time with her grandson.”—NPR


Next came a set of colorful dishes that add a splash of color to my cabinets, and blend in with the few pieces I already have.  The vintage tumblers came a few days ago.


Do I need these dishes?  Will I be entertaining?  Well, maybe a little, now and then, but I also love looking at them and serving my own occasional meals on them.  So there!  LOL.

I do eat meals in the community dining room, but always have lunch in my apartment, when friends come over or when I just want to relax and watch TV.  All day Sunday is my day to hang out here and eat on colorful dishes.


Earlier today I found some photos of my granddaughter Aubrey’s first month in New Zealand.  Here are a few…


How are you spending your Sunday?



Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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