Welcome to another Hump Day.  Today I’m cleaning…and changing up the decor in my bedroom.  My new bedding arrived from Amazon on Monday.

I got the idea from a movie I was watching…colorful bedsheets and comforter took me to Amazon to find something that evoked the same feelings.  Bohemian.

Here’s another view:

As you can see, the drape that leads to the ensuite bathroom has the same colors.  I guess I did that on purpose.

My previous bedding is in the laundry, getting freshened for my guestroom/office.

When I watch movies, or read books that have vivid descriptions, I visualize how I can “renew” my own environment.


Let’s step outside for a minute and enjoy some photos of my granddaughter Aubrey, soon to graduate from San Diego State University. Here, she and friends are in Seattle. Later in the summer, she is headed to New Zealand, where she will explore the wonders for a year…before settling into the humdrum of life.


Today will be another reading day…I’m in the beginning of The Ash Family, which I fear will turn dark before the end.  Cults always scare me a little.  I love the cover, though.

I was clicking around on links earlier, and found this book, coming on April 23.  Stone Mothers, by Erin Kelly, who wrote He Said/She Said.

Another intense, irresistible novel of psychological suspense.

You can’t keep the secret.
You can’t tell the truth.
You can’t escape the past


Now I am going into the living room…to finish up the dusting and vacuuming.  Doing one room at a time is working for me…sort of.

What is happening on your Hump Day?



  1. I do love your boho fabrics…and Stone Mothers looks really good! Wednesday’s are a good midweek day to clean…we are doing yard work but I am mostly watching.

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    • Thanks, Patty, I do love taking a relaxed approach to cleaning. I can’t even remember how I did things back in the day, but I think that I tried to hurry through the tasks.

      Yard work is something I don’t have…well, except for my patio that is covered with leaves. Ugh.


  2. I’ve always loved the color and the patterns of the hippie years. It was my growing up time. I’ve always regretted that I wasn’t five years older during that time. It was such an exciting time. It felt like anything could happen.

    On the other hand, everything I’ve read about that time, including all the hopeful group ventures, what many would call cults, tended to come to an abrupt and sad end.

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    • Thanks, Deb, I agree; those years were beautiful, but so much of that time was shadowed by those who chose to take advantage and the drugs that stole the hope.

      Now I choose to focus on the things that were beautiful about those years, like the music and the colorful patterns.


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