The other day, someone (Elizabeth @Silvers Reviews) posted a reminder on FB:  25 years ago, on the Martin Luther King holiday, the Northridge Earthquake hit the LA area.  The question:  where were you on that date?

Last week, I had just been thinking about the townhouse where I lived from 1988-1994…and that’s where I was.  It was a work holiday, so I slept late.  When I turned on the TV, the news was on, and I was suddenly frantic.  My No. 2 son was living near the epicenter!  It would be many hours later before we could communicate with him and find out that he and his family were okay.  Shaken, they had awakened to items falling off shelves and walls.

Meanwhile, I was cozy in my townhouse, but worried. 

Memorable moments in our lives are forever connected to who we were and what we were doing.  Like the question years before:  What were you doing when you heard that JFK was assassinated.  I was watching As the World Turns with my mom, when Walter Cronkite interrupted the show.


What defining moments forever link you to certain, catastrophic events? 



    1. Thanks, Kathryn, it was a huge one; a major freeway came down. They had to rebuild it before my son could get to the new house they had just bought.

      As for JFK, none of us got over that, and look what we have to deal with now!


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