I woke up very early today…somehow the time change worked against gaining that extra hour of sleep.

Even though I have removed batteries from my collection of clocks that I am considering “purely decorative” (see below), there were still clocks to change.

Like this one, below:

And this one:

I also have a big Coca Cola clock in the dining area…and then there are the coffee maker and the microwave.  Let’s not forget the car clock…which I tend to ignore until I get ready to drive it.  See Coca Cola clock on the far right.

After yesterday’s security breach, I am not thinking much about these ordinary life glitches.  I am still reeling from what happened because of a seemingly incompatible system that came with the laptop!  I had felt a niggle of doubt, flowing like an undercurrent when I brought it home…without my familiar system.  Which apparently would have been a problem with the Windows 10, too.


So…after the security issues were sorted, I had to go to the restaurant around the corner and enjoy some soup.  And a margarita.

I am reading Try Not To Breathe, by Holly Seddon, a book I purchased a year ago.

And I’m reading What Happened, by Hillary Rodham Clinton…but I’ll be picking it up now and then to read a chapter or two.  I can’t bury myself in it.


So…have we managed to get through life’s little glitches?  What has your week been like?



  1. Ah the dreaded time change and I know… waking up early on the day you can sleep in – what a pest and I think it happens to many. We are well settled into our time change now from a few weeks ago. Fingers crossed for the elections this week!!

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    1. Yes, it was definitely frustrating to wake up early. Thanks for visiting, Kathryn, and I am hopeful while also dreading the elections…just in case they turn out like last time!

      I also feel like I’m poised for disaster every time I turn around, considering how the last couple of months have been. LOL.


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