Good morning, and welcome to another Friday.  How did the week slide by so quickly?  Oh, yes, the holiday.  Note the photo (above), which I snapped in my neighborhood Barnes & Noble Cafe…oddly enough, there were no customers in that part of the store.  I don’t like catching random people in my photos.  LOL.  I wanted to capture that wall hanging of To Kill a Mockingbird.  As you can see, I only caught about 2/3 of it, but you “get the picture.”  Book covers are featured all around the shop. While this particular store is not the original one for our city, the book cover hangings are the originals and came along with the move.

So…random tidbits.  Now, let’s settle down for some family moments.   Alec, Aubrey, & Aaron are my Southern California grandchildren, and in these shots, you’ll see them with each of their parents and with two siblings that I’ve featured before, but who are not my actual grandchildren.  We take “extended family” members seriously in our photos.

Let’s start with this cute one of Aubrey with her friend Noah, in the desert:

Next, she is holding her little sister Sidney:

Let’s take a look at her with her dad and the two older siblings, Alec and Aaron (after Alec’s graduation from UC Berkeley:

And on Mother’s Day, Aubrey celebrated with her mom and her four siblings, including Silas and Sidney:


I love Facebook, where I can copy photos put out there by my family members…and it almost feels as if I’m there with them.

Speaking of Facebook.  I ran into some issues with the FB app on my iPhone.  Does anyone have an iPhone 7?  Have you had problems with your app?  When I open the app and start to scroll, the pages close down…literally go dark.  I tried several supposed “fixes,” like deleting the app and adding a new one.  It worked for about a minute.

I also reset my iPhone settings.  Nothing.  HELP!

Thanks…if anyone has some ideas, I’d appreciate them.


So…now, back to our Friday.   What are your plans for the weekend?  How was your Fourth of July (if you celebrate that event).




  1. Patty

    Well…we are trying to find a new Farm Market this afternoon. It’s supposedly close by…and we have never heard of it…yeah for google maps! National weather says you will be hot today…so…iced coffee and staying in?

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  2. I LOVE all of your photos. Thanks for sharing.

    I do have an iPhone 7, but I haven’t had any trouble with the Facebook App. It sounds like you did the right things to correct it.

    Another suggestion….have you restarted the phone?

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth, and yes, I did restart the phone. This is weird, as I’ve had the app since I first got the phone a year ago.

      I might have to take it to the shop. Sigh.

      Enjoy your weekend.


    1. Thanks, Kathryn, there is a phone store right around the corner, so I may just go there…I tried again this morning….it’s still dying on me!

      Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll be loving my reading and movies.


  3. HI – lovely family photos!! 🙂
    My iPhone did something similar a while back and it was because FBook had to be updated. I went to the app store app and click to update and then it worked fine. (I didn’t figure that out – one of the Apple store genius guys did!).
    Good luck! Beth

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Dr. Beth…and thanks for the suggestion, but I did update it…and I even deleted the app and downloaded a new one…still no luck. So off to the Apple store geniuses! LOL


  4. Facebook is such a nice way to stay connected with all the people we know around the world. I think about how nice it would have been for my grandparents to have had FB available to them so they could have kept up better with their extended family and friends as they all spread out into the world.

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Deb, I think about how technology has been a great tool for us…and then also recall that, before the technology, we might have traveled for more face time with family. LOL


  5. Great family photos! I enjoy seeing Facebook pictures posted by my brother, daughter-in-law, and old friends, too. Sometimes I copy and save them.
    I’ve also had problems with my phone (Samsung) ever since their last upgrade. Seems like there’s always something to “fix” after they make changes! Sounds like your next step is a trip to the Apple store.
    Thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment.
    Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

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    1. Thanks, Sandy, I think you’re right…the upgrades often make life difficult. So off to the phone store I go. And then I recall that whenever one of their upgrades brings more glitches and we visit the store, they then talk us into an upgrade on our phones. Hmm.


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