Good morning, and welcome to some visual images of life and family.  Today I’ll be featuring my great-niece Margaret…and a few others.

Emily and Margaret are showing off their Spring festivities:

Now take a look at our little flower…among the flowers:

Another glimpse of Margaret:

Now let’s step back in time…to a similar spring day, Circa 1982, when Emily was a baby.  She is not visible in this photo, but her older sister is on the far right.  Others include my niece Amy, left; my daughter Heather, middle front; my younger brother and his youngest son, in the back:

Back to the present, Fiona is showing off another new look:

Her cousin Aubrey, with her brothers, at Alec’s graduation from U.C. Berkeley:

Let’s take another look way back in late 1997, although we have moved beyond spring:  Fiona and Aubrey at play in my guesthouse in the foothills.  I was looking for a photo of that futon earlier, and stumbled upon it among some images I had scanned.  It has shown up in numerous houses of mine over the years, but after its time with the rough-housing kids who lived in the guesthouse, the frame broke. Sigh.


Keeping up with the various branches of the family is an ongoing process.  How I love the role Facebook plays!

What does your Thursday look like?  What weekend plans are about to unfold?



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