Welcome to my Sunday…a day to visit blogs, but also a wonderful day to watch the streaming show The Good Fight.  I love the characters, some of which were in another favorite show, The Good Wife.


We’re on Season II…and when I first started watching this new season, the audio was very poor, so I had to lean forward and add the closed captions.

But suddenly the sound is normal again!  So happy about that.


When I opened my e-mails today, I saw another book from the library!  I love how this works…I put them on hold, and then they automatically appear.  Today’s “gift” was Sisters Like Us, by Susan Mallery.


I have another recent book from the library to start reading:  A Nantucket Wedding, by Nancy Thayer…a favorite author that takes me right to the beach.


I’m also reading Paris Ever After, by K.S.R. Burns, a NetGalley review book.


I am looking forward to a cozy Sunday!  I also have some shows and movies waiting on my DVR.

What are you anticipating today?



  1. You have described a perfect Sunday! We have just had a bite of lunch and are going to settle in to Lost In Space on Netflix! I thought the Nancy Thayer book was awesome!

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    • Thanks for visiting, Colline, and I am so glad we don’t have snowy days here! If we want to see snow, we can travel an hour up the mountains and find it.

      Of course, our summers are very long and very hot. So I guess we all have some challenges.

      I’m enjoying my books!

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  2. Our Sunday was busy — we had a Girl Scout event (I am the asst. leader for my granddaughter’s troop). Then a pizza dinner and PBS Sunday shows starting with Ask the Midwife. Then, to bed with my latest cozy mystery — Missing in Savannah, part of the Made in Savannah cozy series by Hope Callaghan.

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      • Sunday’s have always been one of my favorite days — all the way back to my childhood when The Wonderful World of Disney came on! But yes, it is followed by a Monday but now that my kids are grown and we are retired, Monday’s aren’t so bad!

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