Good morning from my Potpourri Blog, where I enjoy changing things up…and specialize in quirky, whimsical, and obsessive topics.


As you may know by now, it is Tuesday Book Release Day…but I have yet to download a new book.  I know that one I have bookmarked has been released…but I think I’ll wait to see what the afternoon e-mail will bring.  I am trying to cut back, just a little.  For me, cutting back means:  Buying five books (so far) in December, compared to twelve in November.  A start, right?

But…here’s the one book I am pondering so far:

Cruel Winter (e-book, County Cork #4), by Sheila Connolly

Snow is a rarity in Maura Donovan’s small village in County Cork, Ireland, so she wasn’t sure what to expect when a major snowstorm rolled in around Sullivan’s pub. But now she’s stranded in a bar full of patrons–and a suspected killer in a long-ago murder….


Last week, I downloaded Book 3:

An Early Wake (e-book, County Cork #3), by Sheila Connolly


Currently I am turning the pages of A Season to Lie, by Emily Littlejohn.  I was clipping along…and then I resumed my binge-watching of The Crown’s Season II...and finished the rest of the ten episodes last night.


The Crown, Season 3, may begin production soon…there are varying rumors about major cast changes.



Today will also be a day of running errands.  I’ve been procrastinating about completing some documents and getting them notarized.  I have to put one foot in front of the other…and proceed.

What is the hold-up?  I have to go to the copy store to have them copied before I complete them and get them notarized.  Go to the Notary…and then back to copy and Fed Ex the final docs.  Sigh. 

I am transferring title of my Time Share back to the company.  After ten years, I am tired of it…in fact, I haven’t used it since 2009…which did involve a lovely week in a Napa resort, with lots of wine tasting.

Since then, my second son has been using it every year.  He is tired of it, too.  So…the time has come for us to part company with Diamond Resorts.


What lies ahead in your day?  Do you have fun things to enjoy?  Or annoying chores?



  1. I’ve been cutting back on yarn purchases although that kind of shifted to stamps and stuff, just a teensy bit though ;O). I’m working on getting well; I caught the husband’s ick and hope it won’t be bad as his virus. Just knitting away on the chemo beanie.

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  2. Mydayhas edn one of working out, making a salad for lunch, baking a tiny chocolate cake and now getting ready to watch The Bachelor. I can not believe you watched all of The Crown! I heard no season 3?

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      • No, there was speculation about whether or not there would be a Season 3…but then the latest was that it will soon be in production, with cast changes.

        Thanks for visiting, Patty, and when I’m really into a show, I tend to binge-watch furiously, sometimes not even pausing for sustenance.


  3. Certainly sounds like time to cut loose from the time share! I never kind of get to catch up with new releases on a Tuesday! Thank goodness! Can you believe it I haven’t started season 2 of The Crown, but watch me binge once I do!

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    • Thanks for visiting, Kathryn…in 2007, when I bought the Time Share, it seemed like a great idea. And the annual maintenance fees were not bad. Then they started climbing…and by 2010, they had more than doubled.

      The time is right to exit…as now the company seems amenable to the process…so I did it! Off the papers went today.

      I LOVED both seasons of The Crown…and now I can’t wait for Season III. I hope there is a third season…there is some talk of recasting characters and starting production soon. So I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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