Yesterday I was reminded of my younger years in Sacramento:  attending the university pictured above, and just strolling around the tree-lined streets nearby.

What carried me back?  A movie, Lady Bird, starring Saoirse Ronan, set in Sacramento.

Yesterday was a wonderful day, starting with hair styling, and followed by lunch at Dai Bai Dang, where I had this delicious Sesame Shrimp dish.


Sated with good food, I sank into the cozy seating and watched the wonderful story of a daughter, her conflicts with her mother, and how she went about choosing a future.  And all around her, as she went through each day, I saw the familiar surroundings that I had loved…back then.

Why did I leave?  Well, jobs, of course.  And a marriage.  My three sons were born in Sacramento, though, and my older two still visit the city, since their father lives there.

I could move there now, of course, since I’m retired…and most of my children no longer live here.  But my daughter does…and so do three of my grandchildren.  Plus…I hate moving.

But I could visit more.  That could work.


Do you sometimes think of places you’ve lived that have left their mark on you?  Do you enjoy the memories?



  1. Sacramento sounds beautiful and I guess you go back in your memory and a lovely way to visit it through the movie as well. Oh dear I live in the area I grew up in, but how changed it is now! Hardly any houses or shops back then, now – totally full of both.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, and I loved Sacramento! We had moved there from San Francisco, which I also loved…and I was sad about the move at the time. But then fell in love with the campus and the city.

      I knew I wanted to see the movie Lady Bird, so when my second son, who works in movie production, told me that it was set in Sacramento, I had to see it right away.

      I am no longer used to the traffic there, so visits are challenging. But I still love the tree-lined streets.

      It is sad to see changes in beloved places…I can imagine your reaction, and know that I would also find many changes if I were to move back.


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