Good morning!  It is time to reflect on quirky obsessions and tidbits…and other whimsical things.

I went searching through my blog yesterday, and found a post from October 2015, What’s In a Name?

It was actually posted on a Hump Day in October 2015, but the thoughts work on any day.  It is the story of this blog and its origins…and how I came to create the “guilty pleasures” section of the blog.

Here we go:

If you look at the URL of this site, it seems as though it celebrates fall and winter: http://

But if I could have brought whimsy into the URL, I would have.  But everything I tried was already in use.

When I visit other blogs, I enjoy studying the URLs that they have chosen.  Like mine, I wonder if it was difficult or easy to find one that celebrated the uniqueness of the blog.

Well, my first guess was apparently wrong about that, as I tried a sampling of URLs from the Breaking the Spine site today, where everyone is celebrating upcoming releases, and almost everyone had a perfect URL styled for their site.  Check out my entry, from a site that has a perfect URL:  Curl up and Read.

Oh, well, needless to say, when I couldn’t celebrate the whimsy, I did include parts of my name in this one:  rain, snow.

There is a history to my name, which, as you may have guessed, is not my actual name.  Lorraine Frost….and then I messed it up by changing it to my various married names.  I could have gone with Rainy Frost.  That works, but I incorporated parts of “Lorraine” to create Laurel-Rain.  And Frost became Snow.  TMI?

I Googled my name and came up with a number of images, most of them related to my various sites.  But then I found this one, a song entitled “Rain and Snow,” sung by someone in Big Laurel, NC. 




It is funny what you find when you Google a name.  What do you discover when you do?  Do you enjoy whimsical things?



  1. I went for a straightforward descriptive name when choosing my blog name – if I knew how much I was going to use it I think I would have tried to be a little bit more inventive but I do have an advantage as my first name (not that anyone ever calls me by the full caboodle) is unusual.

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