Today is all about time-changing.  I added a new “shabby chic” clock to my “distressed” bookshelves and felt like I was all set.   It is much easier to reset a clock on a shelf.  The wall clocks can be challenging.

My wall above the mantle now has decorative clocks only, as I removed the batteries.  I hated taking them down off the wall to reset them every six months.


I have a Coca Cola clock in the kitchen/dining room…and today I was about ready to remove its battery!  But I managed to reset the clock and return it to its place above my phone, etc. (on the right side of the photo).



Aren’t we supposed to gain an hour of sleep today?  That didn’t work for me, as I woke up at 5:30!  (Really 6:30).  But since I was up, I took on the time-changing task, which included my Kindle, my alarm clock, all the battery-operated clocks (minus the ones from which I removed the batteries.  Yay!), the coffeepot, the microwave…you get the picture.

Now I am visiting blogs…and finishing Francesca Hornak’s  Seven Days of Us.

I couldn’t stand the Phoebe character!  Spoiled, entitled, etc.  Maybe she will redeem herself by the end of the story.

I started The One and Only, by Emily Giffin, which has been waiting patiently since 2016.

Cold As Ice is another book I’m eager to read.  It is Book Six in the Country Club Murder Series, by Julie Mulhern.


How is your Sunday unfolding?  Good books?  Movies? Napping?



  1. Even though you are meant to gain sleep at your end of the time change – it doesn’t always happen that way. Whichever end I think we end up a little sleep deprived until we adjust. Enjoy the reading.

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    • Thanks, Kathryn, and I am so tired of these time changes. I noticed some articles proposing that we don’t go into DST at all. I think I would like that.

      I just finished Seven Days of Us…and really enjoyed it.


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