Good morning!  It is November, and time to bring out some of the memorabilia of the Thanksgiving season, like my pumpkins (and turkey) above.  As usual, my Madeleine doll insists on being the Center of Attention.

In North Dakota, my three step-great-grandchildren (yes, it’s a mouthful) have their own ways of enjoying the season…costumes, etc.  In this shot, Maddix enjoys a spooky backdrop of cobwebs.


Nothing is cozier than a pajama party, enjoyed, below, by Lilly & Maddix


Bella is Pretty in Pink….


At bath time, Lilly was impatient…and started without her sister…


Across the world, Aubrey is still exploring Prague and surrounding countries.  Below, a spread of pumpkins…(Prague)


Now let’s skip on over to Copenhagen:  Aubrey & Baylie (roommate):


Back here in our city…Fiona went on job interviews, and brought her game face.  (She got the job!).



Yesterday, I ended my “almost month-long” birthday celebration with this pumpkin cheesecake dessert…after salad, fettuccine, and a mango martini:



Flashing back to the past, I snapped a photo of these framed moments.  My kids and I have a favorite sculpture at the local university where we once took pictures every five years or so, in November.  This one was from November 1984.  It hangs on the wall in my office.  I tried to diminish the glare, and even tried to release them from the frame for the purpose of a better shot.   They are stuck!



How is your autumn unfolding so far?  Come on by and share!



    • Thanks, Deb, I gather you are talking about the sculpture. We found it in 1979, and we loved the photo so much that we vowed to do it every five years. The second one was in 1984. By 1991, when we took the last one (we missed a year or so), we really noticed the changes in the surroundings: trees had grown, etc. Not to mention those kids, who were all tall by then!

      Some of my grandkids have shot photos there, too.


    • Thanks, Sandy, and I also love the family photos on that sculpture, which became a November tradition (usually when everyone was home for Thanksgiving). Now I especially treasure them, since all but one of the kids live in other cities (and countries!). We can’t all get together on the holidays…sigh.

      Enjoy your weekend!


    • Thanks, Stefanie, I think there is nothing cuter than PJ-clad kids watching TV…or listening to stories.

      I agree about Bella. It took me a while to tell the two girls apart, but I finally did. Their faces are slightly different. I think they are actually fraternal twins.


  1. Aw, your great-grandchildren are adorable!

    And the overseas pics are great – I SO want to visit both Copenhagen and Prague! My husband just spent a week in the Netherlands for work but by the time he had dates nailed down, it was too late for me to get a reasonable flight – next time!


    Book By Book

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