Good morning!  I’m in my office, hunkered down with my laptop, looking over at my old sleeper/sofa…with its coffee mug and a book I read in September of this year.

Since yesterday was my birthday, I am reflecting on moments from the past.  I found this blog post from September 30, 2009, in which I reflect about ODDS, ENDS…AH, POTPOURRI.

Here it is, fully excerpted, reminding me of what my life looked like back then.




Last night, as I was gathering up my books, magazines, and water—ready to curl up in my room for my nightly relaxing ritual of reading in bed—I glanced over at this old desk, with its accouterments.  The doll and a stack of old favorite books—Marge Piercy’s memoir “Sleeping with Cats” is near the top of the stack, beneath a copy of “Open House,” by Elizabeth Berg.  And who could ever forget “The Golden Notebook,” by Doris Lessing.  I recall reading that in college.  I recently bought another copy from Amazon, because, despite my obsession with my books, I couldn’t find my original copy!

The doll is one I found in a catalog a few years ago.  I liked her coloring, which fits in nicely with this room—which I have dubbed the Ireland/Red Hat Room.  Okay, don’t ask!

Actually, the Ireland part came from the photos of Ireland, taken by my photographer son Craig. who has visited several European countries and now lives in Berlin.

In the photo below, you’ll see another doll, with Craig’s cemetery shot (taken in Ireland) in the background.


The plate, in 3-D, is another crafted porcelain object purchased from one of my Old Faithful catalogs, and I love it because it features a cottage.  A European cottage, I’m sure.  So…perfect for my Ireland room.

On another day, I’ll share more photos and stories about the potpourri of objects that surround me.


Because I hate to dust…I have retired these dolls to bins in the garage.  But I know that they are there, waiting, in case I want to bring them out again.

What do you find when you search through your blog archives?  If you do, that is.



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