Tuesdays have turned into my second favorite day of the week, and today brought an extra layer of frenzy. 

I had a NetGalley review of The Stolen Marriage to post on Amazon.

Then I wrote and posted my review of the fabulous Little Fires Everywhere, which I finished reading late last night.


Then…finally, I went to check out my Amazon bookmarks for new releases…and downloaded these two (so far):

Odd Child Out (e-book), by Gilly Macmillan (I feel like I’ve been waiting forever!)


Without Merit (e-book), by Colleen Hoover


Next I went over to my Tuesday Excerpts post and started visiting blogs that are also sharing their snippets.


An added layer of frenzy today came from an action I took yesterday.  After Firefox updated my browser, I ran into some glitches which required that I clear out my cookies.  I hadn’t remembered that I would then have to enter all my site passwords AGAIN!  LOL.  More time-consuming, but it did feel as though I had gotten a fresh start.

Whew!  I am now tired, so I plan to start reading my next ARC, The Rules of Magic, by Alice Hoffman, with a release date of 10/10.  I need to hurry!


What does your Tuesday look like?  Do you have a scheduled set of frenzied activities?  Or is your day calm and relaxed?



    1. You didn’t bother me, Patty! I loved helping, and I hope you are enjoying your new adventures in WP.

      Do you remember that I had 20 blogs for about a minute? And then 11 for quite a while?

      Six feels calm…LOL.


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