Today I threw open the door of one of my country cupboards for this photo op.  This one houses some of my colorful and fun pieces, ranging from the Jamestown Fostoria crystal to the vintage tumblers and the “Cornflakes” mugs and dishes.  In other words, a “potpourri” of collections.

Since I am home, nesting, while others in the family are gallivanting around, in Europe, etc., I have to find ways to cheer up my day.

But I do love the photos which have been appearing regularly via text from my son Brett, who started out in Spain, then went to Ibiza…and finally Prague.  Now he has branched out to Budapest.  But first…

He stayed in The Jim Morrison suite at this hotel in Ibiza…


After arriving in Prague, Brett and his daughter Aubrey, who will be attending a college semester in Prague, had dinner with my eldest son Craig, his wife Gabi, and Aubrey’s roommate.


A view from the hotel in Budapest…


This morning I got this photo of the thermal baths in Budapest.


My vicarious travels are fun.  Right?  I don’t have to pack, unpack, or fly.  Am I kidding myself, though?

Do you love to travel, or would you rather nest at home, reading books about travel.  I am currently reading Happy People Read and Drink Coffee, a story about a widow who moves from Paris, where she owns a bookstore/cafe, to Ireland.  She hopes to escape the pain of the past.


Vicarious traveling through reading and movies reminds me of the Anne Tyler book, The Accidental Tourist.  I also have the movie with William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, and Geena Davis.

Enjoy your travels…vicarious or actual.




    1. Thanks for visiting, Stefanie, and I am not a good air traveler…but maybe someday I’ll figure out a way to go on long international flights. LOL.

      Meanwhile, I enjoy nesting and reading about travels. And enjoying what my kids are seeing and doing.

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    1. Thanks, Diane….the longest flight I’ve managed since 9/11 has been three hours. Back in the eighties, I had no issue with longer ones, and went to Boston for a weekend….(work related). The airline hassles are now daunting.

      Since all of my kids have become “jet setters,” lol, I am satisfied to travel vicariously. For now. That could change.


  1. Thanks for sharing photos from your kids’ travels. Looks like they’re all having a great time. I’d love to visit Budapest.
    Like you, I enjoyed Anne Tyler’s ACCIDENTAL TOURIST — both the novel and the movie. It’s one of those rare stories where I remember the book’s unique plot and unusual characters, even years after I’ve read the book.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features a hike to Stan’s Overlook.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sandy, and I loved that book and movie. I also recall so many details…probably because I’ve watched the movie many times. LOL.

      This morning, my son sent a photo with a text, showing an old Gottschalk’s still in business in Venice (they all closed down here). But maybe it’s just another store with the same name. Funny, though.


  2. I love traveling via your blog! As for vicariously or actually traveling, my vote is for actually traveling. Can not get enough of visiting places for the first time. We had planned on going to Key West in Feb. or March, but after Hurricane Harvey I don’t know if it will be rebuilt by then. So much destruction 😦

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