Mickey is leading the pack today, as we talk about photos from family and friends.  As you may have noticed, this newest version of “Mickey pointing to my books” is now in my blog header.  I liked how this photo includes the little hanging behind the books:  “Hearts and Boo Boos Mended Here.”

Let’s take a look at what Craig is doing.  He has been visiting Venice, etc., and here we go, enjoying the view and pizza:


Craig in Ljubljana:


Craig loves Tiki places and memorabilia, so he enjoyed this version in Venice.  In one of his visits to the states, back in 2007, we did a Tiki Road Trip Search all up and down California’s Hwy. 99…because he wanted to take back some of his finds to a friend in Prague who has a Tiki bar. 


In another part of Europe, Brett, headed to Prague, stopped off at a museum in Barcelona, and took a couple of shots, one of them a “forbidden selfie” in the museum.



Yesterday, I had lunch with my daughter…and had this Pomegranate Press, a specialty at Yard House, while I waited.  Who said waiting isn’t fun?



That’s it for this week.  What did yours look like in photos?




    1. Thanks, Deb, I got in the habit of photographing everything I eat (or drink) in restaurants when my son and DIL were here visiting two summers ago. They are now back in Prague, but I love to carry on the little tradition we had.


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