Welcome to another Tuesday celebrating bookish events, First Chapter/Intros, hosted by Bibliophile by the Sea; and Teaser Tuesdays hosted by The Purple Booker.

Today’s feature is my current read, the seventh book in the Frieda Klein series:  Sunday Morning Coming Down, by Nicci French.


Intro:  All at once the flat was full of noises.  The phone rang, stopped, then rang again.  The mobile rattled on the table.  The doorbell sounded once, twice, and at the same time there was a thumping sound on the door itself.  Detective Chief Inspector Karlsson lifted himself from his chair on to his crutches, moved to the door and opened it.

A very short, very thin woman was looking at him with a frown.  Her gingery-brown hair was cut almost to a bristle at the back, but with a long fringe that fell over one eye.  She had a narrow, pale face, slightly asymmetrical, with colourless brows and eyes the brown of cinnamon.  She was dressed in a black anorak, baggy grey jumper, dark trousers and orange trainers.  Behind her the rain was falling.  Her face was wet with it.  The branches of a plane tree creaked above her.

‘I’m Chief Inspector Petra Burge.’


Teaser:  And then it was the easiest thing in the world.  Easier than the first time.  Easier than the niece.  Easier than Reuben McGill.  It was what he’d been telling himself:  you have to learn to improvise, be in a state of readiness and wait for the perfect moment. (p. 203).


Synopsis (from Goodreads):  Psychotherapist Dr Frieda Klein once again finds herself in the midst of a criminal investigation when the rotting body of an ex-policeman is found beneath the floorboards of her house.

The corpse is only months old but the main suspect, murderer Dean Reeve, died over seven years ago.

As the killer picks off his next victims and her home is turned into a crime scene, Frieda’s old life seems like a hazy dream.

With eyes of the world upon her and no answers from the police, Frieda realises that she will have to track this killer before he tracks down those she loves.


I love this series.  There are recurring characters and a thread that weaves its way through all of the books, from the beginning.  Will this be the book that snips that thread?



    • Thanks, Patty, and I finished the book last night…and the ending left me going “now what?” But I suspect this series with the 7-days-in-a-week format may be over. Unless the authors take Frieda on a slightly different journey.


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