Today is a day of change.  Even though my new TV had to be sent back, with a replacement arriving in the next few days, I decided to get ready for it.  Above, I have rearranged the living room, taking out the little dining table that once resided on the right hand side…and placing the bench by the bookshelves.

All of this was done so I could move that dining table into the office for the new TV/equipment set-up.  It is a drop leaf table (by the window), so I can expand it as needed.  Here is the room…in transition.



The table on the left wall may not stay afterwards.  I’ll have to see how things shake out.  Below, the redwood cart that was in the office for a while is now back in the bedroom, in a new spot to the left of the bed.




By next Sunday, I should have the finalized version of the office.  Here’s hoping!


Yesterday I started reading:

Currently Reading:  How It All Began (e-book), by Penelope Lively


I’ve never read this author, but so far I am enjoying her style.


Should I stay in today…or go out?  I wish someone would invite me to a barbecue…LOL.  Sending telepathic messages to my daughter.

What does your weekend look like?  In or out?  Fun or quiet times?



  1. We are in…but that’s not new for me…what was wrong with the new tv?

    Make yourself a cute little hot dog with some chips and lemonade…and binge watch Silicon Valley!

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    • It was too big for the space! Bigger than the one in my living room, even. So they ordered a smaller one from one of the other stores. That one should work.

      Ooh, love hot dogs! I have to go to the store first, though. Thanks for stopping by, Patty, and enjoy the weekend.

      I wish I could order a hot dog delivered…LOL.


  2. The tv in my living room started having issues so I moved the one in my bedroom to the l.r. and am going to have to get a replacement for the bedroom.

    I’m going to a cookout at my oldest son’s house. I hope you daughter invites you to spend the day with them.

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