Yesterday did not start out as a Day Outside the Box, but one little step at a time, it did end up that way.  The week has been a challenge, overcoming that whole SKIN REACTION FROM HELL.

In the morning, I contemplated this room (above) again, as a new flat screen is coming tomorrow…to hopefully improve the signal my modem receives….it doesn’t work that well on this somewhat antiquated set.

After I had watched a little TV in the morning, read from my book, took my shower…I decided to go get the mail.  Simple enough. (My mail goes to the Post Office box down the street).

I felt good enough afterwards to head over to the Elephant Bar for Happy Hour.  I hadn’t done that in a while…(Okay, I’ve done lunch and dinners, but not Happy Hour, lol).

First my Pomegranate Martini arrived, and I dug into The Wildling Sisters, while waiting for my appetizer.



When Susan, the server, who became a chatty friend by the end of my stay (it wasn’t that busy!), brought this delightful array of potato skins, etc., I started nibbling.  After I photographed it, of course.



I posted it on FB, of course, and almost immediately, my son (from Prague!) responded with his delight.  He and I have enjoyed this repast occasionally, when he visits.

While on my iPhone Phoebe, I checked out FB…then went over to Fandango, as it was getting later, but I wasn’t ready to go home.




Across the street, at Edwards Movie Theaters, The Lovers was showing…but only at 7:00 p.m.  I had seen a write-up of this movie in one of my magazines, and I have been a Debra Winger fan since way back in the day.  The 80s are calling!



Here are some of my 80s favorites:


Urban Cowboy, with Winger and Travolta:



Terms of Endearment, with Winger and MacLaine:




Then there are the less-publicized films, one of which I own and watch periodically, Mike’s Murder:



So…you get the picture.  I’m a fan of Debra Winger movies, just like many love Julia Roberts flicks.

So…how to kill time until the movie began?  I ordered another martini, read some more, talked to Susan, who felt like a friend at this point…

Then I settled up, headed across the street, and slipped into Dai Bai Dang, after buying my ticket, to have…yes, another martini.  This one is a Blushing Geisha.  I kept reading.



And yes, my drinks total has reached THREE, but remember all the food and the hours that have passed…don’t judge!  LOL.


Finally it’s 6:30, I head inside the theater, play with Phoebe for a while…and look around me.  I am literally the only person in the theater, which tells me that not everybody is a Debra Winger, especially OLDER Winger fan…no worries.  More fun for me.

As I thought about her lengthy hiatus from films (she has been in some movies in recent years, like Rachel Getting Married, 2008), in which she played a supporting character:


I was reminded of another DVD:  I own this one, produced by Rosanna Arquette, called Searching for Debra Winger:



And while The Lovers was not my favorite of her movies, it was interesting with some twists I didn’t see coming (no, it wasn’t a thriller, but the choices the characters made were sometimes unexpected).


Afterwards, I headed home (it was 9:00 by then, and late for me on a week night!).

I posted my Bookish Friday event for today…and read.


An Unexpected Day with Twists…sort of like reading a thriller.  LOL.

Have you ever taken a day and turned it on its side, doing nothing that you had planned?  How did it feel?




Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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