It is Tuesday, and I’m back in my Office Nook, feeling more like blogging…with optimism about my slowly clearing skin condition, after three days of the medication.   Today I’ve written three posts:  Tuesday Sparks:  “Miss You”; Meet the Domestic Diva:  Excerpting “Interior Designs”; and Keeping Track:  An Update.

I have been doing some reading, especially late at night, since sleeping has been a challenge.  But last night I mostly slept through the night…but on the living room couch.  For some reason, I haven’t been able to sleep in my bed.  Maybe tonight?

My current read:  Into the Water (e-book), by Paula Hawkins, has finally captured me, after a slow start with the introduction of many characters.



Since Tuesday is release day for many books, I am waiting for the e-mail that will tell me what’s available.  In some ways, I am almost hoping not to find anything, as my stacks (mostly e-books) are quite large.  But the anticipation is still there.

I can tell you some of the upcoming releases that I know about:

White Fur (e-book), by Jardine Libaire (May 30 Release):  A stunning star-crossed love story set against the glitz and grit of 1980s New York City….




You’ll Never Know, Dear (e-book), by Hallie Ephron:  An addictive novel of psychological suspense from the award-winning author of Night Night, Sleep Tight, about three generations of women haunted by a little girl’s disappearance, and the porcelain doll that may hold the key to the truth . . .(June 6 Release)




What does your Tuesday look like?  Do you anticipate new releases?  What book(s) are keeping you up at night?



  1. Yes, I’ve heard a bit of mixed reactions to INTO THE WATER. I have copy and shall try before long. I really liked YOU’LL NEVER KNOW DEAR. Glad your skin feels better. My husband had an allergic reaction to something several years ago and too steroids for 5 days. It cleared up.

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